Thursday, April 28, 2011

Knight 50/50 on returning?

While speaking to some students at Conkwright Middle School, Brandon Knight suggested that he was still up in the air over whether to return to school or stay in the draft. While this may be true, I highly doubt it.

You must take into consideration that Brandon was speaking to middle school kids about the importance of an education, all while they were chanting "one more year". He is not going to stand there listening to that kind of chant from KIDS and Kentucky fans and say he is not coming back. Not saying he was lying, he very well may be up in the air but Knight is known for his I.Q. and anyone with a high I.Q. knowing they would be a top 5 pick in the draft (as most experts are saying) would be foolish to return to school. No way his stock gets any higher next year. As a matter of fact, his stock very well may drop. For one reason Marquis Teague will be the starting point guard next year moving Knight to the two guard and taking the ball put of his hands. And two, the draft next year will be loaded as the guys who came back this year will enter next year, not to mention the monster freshman class next year that will enter early. So it would be in his best interest and a smart business decision to go now, and Brandon knows this.

Could he come back? Sure. Is it likely? No. I would love to have him back next season, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Demarcus Cousins returns to Lexington

Demarcus Cousins will be signing autographs at Lexington Sports Cards on Wednesday, May 4 from 4-5:30.

Lexington Sports Cards is located at:

169 East Reynolds Rd
Lexington, KY 40517

Your only allowed to bring one item to be autographed (per his agent) and the cost is $15 for that item to be signed (per his agent).

You can purchase tickets to the event if you don't think you can arrive early enough. By purchasing a ticket it guarantees you an autograph.

Purchase tickets by copying and pasting the following link:

Ryan Harrow on campus? UPDATE

N.C. State transfer point guard Ryan Harrow is rumored to be on Kentucky campus today for a visit, and word is that a commitment is possible.

For those of you who don't know about Ryan Harrow, he is a 6'0 PG out of Marietta Georgia that was ranked as the 6th best PG and 19th best player overall in the class of 2010. He averaged 9.3 points and 3.3 assists per game while at N.C. State, and would not be a bad pick up for the cats. It would give them some "experience" for the class of 2012 at the PG position.

As far as a commitment goes, I'm not sure either way. If he dose commit it wouldn't surprise me as he has expressed interest in Calipari's "Dribble Drive Motion Offense", but I would just wait and see what happens.


Well it appears that the rumors of Ryan Harrow being on campus today for a visit was just RUMORS. But it appears that there is still mutual interest from both sides for him to join the team. So as of now, no visit has taken place.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Perry Ellis update

Just had a quick conversation with Fonda Ellis about the recruitment of Perry Ellis, and here is the highlights.

Perry had an open gym on Wednesday the followig schools was in attendance.

Bill Self- Kansas

Gregg Marshall- Wichita State

Brad Underwood- K-State Assistant

Chris Crutchfield- Oklahoma Assistant

John Calipari had planned to attend but it didn't work out, he did call and talk to Perry last night.

Perry is still listing the same six schools

Wichita State

Kansas, Kentucky, K-State, and Wichita State are recruiting the hardest as of right now, and Oklahoma is just now getting involved again due to a recent coaching change. So look for them to pick up the pace on Perry's recruitment.

This will be interesting to see how this plays out. Will the schools in the east be able land Perry, or will he stay in the west? We'll have to wait and see how this plays out.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Interview with Michael Porter

I recently had the opportunity to ask Ex Wildcat Michael Porter some questions about his time in Lexington, here are his answers.

Q: What did it mean to you to play for the University of Kentucky?

A: I think I could go on forever and ever on this one. It was a huge honor to play for the University of Kentucky and is a huge honor to still be a part of that legacy. Being a "Wildcat" will forever be a part of my identity. Even though things did not end up on a perfect note for me, my love for that school is second to none.

Q: What was your relationship like with Billy Gillispie?

A: My relationship with coach G started out rough to say the least. I wanted out. But as time went on, I believe it got better. He was a tough coach to play for, but it made me a better person. When someone pushes you so hard, you can either quit or persevere. I believe I persevered and I thank him for pushing me further than I thought I could go.

Q: Did coach Gillispie try to kick Jodie Meeks off the team after losing to Notre Dame in the 2009 NIT?

A: if he did I never heard anything about it. This is the first I have ever heard that actually.

Q: Did you have a chance to talk with John Calipari when he was hired?

A: Yes. A few weeks into spring practice I went into his office and told him that I was not going to play anymore.

Q: Have you been to any Kentucky games since you left?

A: When I was living in Lexington I went to a few, but that was over a year ago.

Q: Do you keep in contact with any of your former teammates?

A: Yeah, I'm still friends with all the guys I played with. I talk some more than others. The guys who were in my class were probably who I was closest to.

Q: What did you think of Kentucky Final Four run this season?

A: Wow, what an amazing accomplishment. Wish I could have had that opportunity, but I am very happy for those guys and for the school. They proved a lot of people wrong and I was glad to see that happen.

Q: What is your favorite memory as a Wildcat?

A: My freshman year for Midnight Maddness was a great feeling. It was my first time in front of that kind of crowd. That feeling was awesome. I'd also say just the fans in general. What I saw most people don't through the media or Internet, was a loving and supportive fan base. I received hundreds of positive letter, emails, calls, etc. while going through some of my more difficult times.

Q: Which loss hurt you the worst?

A: Every loss hurt, honestly. I hate losing. But that Georgia game at home to end the season during my last year ranks among the worst.

Q: How has life been after Kentucky?

A: Life has been great. It's a tough adjustment moving from thinking I'm going to play basketball for the rest of my life to all of a sudden becoming a father and having to actually work! But I know God has placed me where I am today for a reason. I will use what I have learned to become successful and in turn help and inspire a lot of people.

I really enjoyed talking with Michael for this interview. He is an extremely good person and a joy to talk with.

Thanks again Michael.

ESPN responds

On the day I learned about the comments made by Bobby Knight I tried endlessly to get in contact with someone at ESPN. But once I saw that other (bigger) people were getting involved, I backed off. Then today I come home from work check my eamil and found this from ESPN in my inbox.

Thanks for contacting ESPN and giving us an opportunity to respond.

Bob Knight’s comments do not reflect the opinions of and are not endorsed by ESPN. We have communicated to him our disappointment and welcome his apology.

Bob Knight issued the following statement, "My overall point is that “one and dones” are not healthy for college basketball. I should not have made it personal to Kentucky and its players and I apologize."

We appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts with us and have shared your comments with the appropriate executives.

ESPN Media Response

Now I know that a lot of people may have received the same response as the one above, I just found this funny that they would respond 2 days after the fact. It shows that they really felt some heat over the situation to respond to some guy who writes a blog.

Knight,Jones, and Liggins to enter draft.

As everyone assumed, Brandon Knight, Terrence Jones, and DeAndre Liggins will enter the NBA draft but hasn't signed with an agent. They now have until May 8th to decide to stay or return to school.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bob Knight's so called apology

ESPN issued an apology by Bob Knight regarding the comments he made at a recent speaking engagement in Indiana. At this engagement Bob Knight made a statement about the 5 starters on last years Kentucky team not attending classes the entire last semester. This is COMPLETELY false as ALL FIVE starters completed the school year in GOOD ACEDEMIC STANDING with one of them(Patrick Patterson) earning a degree in three years, and another starter still playing at Kentucky this season in Darius Miller.

In his "apology" Knight never addressed the out right LIE he told, just saying that "My overall point is that 'one and dones' are not healthy for college basketball," Knight said. "I should not have made it personal to Kentucky and its players and I apologize.". Nowhere in this so called "apology" did he even mention the erroneous statement about players not going to class. All he apologized for was being against the "one and done" rule that everyone even ironically John Calipari is against. That wasn't the issue that caused the outcry. It was the lie he told.

I have come to expect things like this out of a so called man who chokes players, throws chairs, and has no respect for anyone he has ever come in contact with. But an organization as big as ESPN has to do better than this. They were the ones who hired him knowing the type of person he was. Like it or not, but his actions reflect solely on YOU. This will not be over until an ACTUAL APOLOGY about the FALSE statement is made!

Brandon Knights Mom

Aarons UK blog is reporting that Brandon Knights mother said "Brandon has reached a decision, but it's not for me to announce". So it looks like the wait may be over.

Doron Lamb says he will return: waiting on Knight and Jones

UK sent out a release a little bit ago saying that Doron Lamb will return for his sophmore season at Kentucky. Smart move on Doron's part as he will no doubt improve his stock by staying another year to improve his game. Plus, it will give Kentucky an outside shooter for next season.

Still waiting on Brandon Knight and Terrence Jones to announce their decision's about the NBA draft. Call me crazy as it's going against what everyone else is saying but I just got a feeling that Brandon Knight returns to school for one more year. Terrence Jones very well may go, but what you gotta remember is just because they enter their name in the draft doesn't mean they are for sure leaving. As most of you know, as long as you don't sign with an agent and have your name out before the deadline (May 8th I believe) you can return to school.

As soon as Knight and Jones announce a decision I'll post it.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Jordan Brand Classic

While the official stats aren't anywhere to be found as of yet, and I was just too lazy to write them down during the game, this is all you get for now.

Anthony Davis showed why he was voted the #1 player in the country last night scoring 29 points(5 points shy of JBC record set by LeBron James) and grabbing 11 rebounds on his way to earning co MVP honors. He is just amazing to watch. There is so many different ways he can score that it's ridiculous. He can step outside for a jump shot, or go where he is most effective, down low. It's impressive to see how dominate he is under the basket considering how only a couple of years ago he was around 6'2-6'3 and played point guard. Now he is between 6'9-6'11(depending what recruiting service you look at)and plays center. What's truly amazing is the fact he still has a guards abilities in a centers body. He is going to be fun to watch next season.

Marquis Teague was impressive as well. He is great in the open court, and has excellent court vision and awareness. If your expecting a point guard like a John Wall or Brandon Knight, you won't find it in Teague. He won't be the highest scorer on the team, and won't be flashy with the ball like Wall, but he will be excellent at what he does. And that's just doing what a point guard is supposed to do, run the offense. He is great at setting other guys up for shots, and knowing when to drive to the rim or dish it off. He will be an excellent 2 to 3 year player at Kentucky.

Michael Gilchrist is just a joy to watch because he never stops going. If you listen the the scouts, they always talk about his motor. Well, I'm not sure if he even has a motor because the way he plays you would think he runs off a jet engine. The kid has such tremendous hustle and desire that it will make him one of the top freshman in the country next season.

Then there is Kyle Wiltjer, I love watching Kyle play because it's like your watching an NBA game from the 70's or 80's on ESPN Classic because he plays such an "old school" style of ball. In my mind, the best post move in his arsenal is the seldom seen "Sky Hook". And when he goes to the sky hook, it's very effective. But the best part of his game is his outside shooting(three point contest winner at Micky D's game)touch that is also very effective. It's not every day that you get a 6'8-6'9 kid that has a great outside shot, and this one does. He will be a match up nightmare for anyone unlucky enough to draw the defensive assignment on him.

Like I said in my post last night, if your not pumped about next season after watching the JBC then you need to find another sport to watch because you clearly don't know basketball.

As soon as I can find the official stats from the game I'll post them, until then give me your thoughts on last nights game.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Just a reminder, four future Wildcats will be in action tonight in the 10th annual Jordan Brand Classic at 8pm on ESPN2.

It's a good chance to see Kyle Wiltjer, the #1 player in the country Anthony Davis, ESPN RISE Player of the year Michael Gilchrist, and the #1 ranked point guard Marquis Teague. If your not pumped about next year after watching these guys play tonight, then you need to find another sport to watch.

Many experts have said that this recruiting class is the BEST ALL TIME on paper, and when you watch them play you can see why. If Kentucky can get Knight and Jones BOTH to return for another year, experts say this could be the most talented team ever assembled in college basketball history. I have heard some say that this will be the BEST team in history, you can't really say that until we see what the end result this time next year. So until then, I'll just stick with the MOST TALENTED TEAM EVER ASSEMBLED moniker that this group of kids have earned.

So tune in and get a preview of the third straight #1 ranked recruiting class in the country for John Calipari and the University of Kentucky.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

JORTS hits the web.

If you are a Kentucky basketball fan (since your reading this I'll take it that you are) you have to visit the website of Kentucky's big Josh Harrellson aka JORTS.

Harrellson has started his own website ( to promote his Jorts Tour around Kentucky this spring for autograph sessions. Plus, there is Jorts merchandise for sale hats, shirts (men & women) apparel. I must admit, I will be sporting some Jorts gear this spring, and as Kentucky fans so should you. Now go on over to and support one of our own and show Jorts some love.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Steve Masiello keeps Scott Padgett as assistant

It appears as though new Manhattan coach Steve Massiello will retain Scott Padgett as an assistant coach at Manhattan. This is a good move by Massiello, keeping a familiar face around that has a little experience in coaching.

Gotta be tough for Scott though thinking he had a shot at the head coaching position, only to be passed over for Massiello. But the one thing Massiello has over Padgett is that Masiello can recruit, the one thing Louisville will miss from him.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Richard Pitino head coach at UofL?

Like I said earlier, Richard Pitino will rejoin his father's staff as an assistant coach at the University of Louisville. But now there are reports surfacing that he is coming to be an assistant but also a head coach in waiting. Meaning if and when Rick Pitino should decide to retire, next in line for the job would be little Richard Pitino.

Now, as a Kentucky fan you have got to hope this is true just for the humor factor. How could a university whose fans claim that they are on the same level as a Duke,UNC,UK,KU actually let this happen. Is Louisville actually going to let their next head coach learn by on the job training? Hell, if that was the route they were going to go with they should have held on to Steve Massiello.

So the next time a Louisville fan starts in with their usual downgrading of Kentucky and Calipari, just remind them who their supposed coach in waiting is.

Knight, Jones, Pelphrey and more

Well there has been a lot to take place this week involving college basketball in general, and since there isn't much news on the Kentucky side of things let's talk about the other stuff.

First, Steve Massiello was named the new head coach of the Manhattan Jaspers. I think Massiello can and will have success in Manhattan, he will have to surround himself with a good staff though. Massiello studied under one of the best coaches in the game in Rick Pitino. Love him or hate him, you can't deny what he has accomplished on the court. So good luck to Massiello, and let's hope he has learned form Pitino's mistakes and doesn't get involved with anyone willing to have sex on a restaurant table and then marries someone on your staff.

With the departure of Steve Massiello from Louisville, it looks like Rick Pitino's son Richard will rejoin his staff. Not sure what he brings to the table as far as an assistant coach, but at least Cat fans will only have to look at him one time a year instead of two like when he was at Florida.

Staying on the Florida side of things, since being fired at Arkansas John Pelphrey will take a step down and go back to his old job, being an assistant for Billy Donovan at Florida.
This is kinda shocking to me that Pelphrey could not find a head coaching job anywhere, and has to settle for being an assistant. But this just goes to prove my thoughts on his coaching ability. Funny thing is, it wasn't very long ago I remember a lot of Kentucky fans wanting Pelphrey to replace Billy G., and even Tubby Smith. Safe to say Kentucky side stepped that land mine. But I will give Pelphrey one thing, the guy can recruit. He was a big part in making Florida relevant, and had a top 10 class signed at Arkansas for next season. This was a good move by Donovan as his recruiting has slipped a little over the past couple of seasons.

Probably the most interesting story of the day involves current player of the year winner Jimmer Fredette. It seems if you attend BYU, and you succeed at anything other than academics they don't want you on campus. After leading BYU to the sweet sixteen, not to mention their best season in a million years Jimmer won Naismith player of the year honors. After flying to L.A. to take part in the award cermonies, and to be on Jimmy Kimmel Live, BYU no longer wants him on campus, saying that he is too big of a distraction to other students. A distraction? Really? Shouldn't this be a time when a university promotes this type of thing? It was bad enough when they dismissed a teammate of Jimmer's earier in the year for having sex with a girlfriend claiming it was against their honor code, but to tell a kid that he is a distraction after what he has done for your program and university is beyond absurd. But it's all good because they told Jimmer that he can finish his classes online. I can't think of a better way to attract people(not just athletes but students in general) to your university.

The only bit of Kentucky news today is that Coach Cal was supposed to meet with Knight and Jones to discuss their options with the NBA draft today. To hear Cal talk publicly, he doesn't seem too eagar to push them to enter the draft with a potential lock out looming. But in the end it is the players decision and what is best for them. But with so many top players electing to stay in school another year, it could push Knight and Jones to make the jump. It has to improve their draft status now that a weak draft became even worse.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Steve Masiello to Manhattan?

It is being reported that former UK walk-on and current Louisville assistant coach Steve Massiello will be the next head coach at Manhattan. It will be good not to see him on the sidelines at UofL anymore, down side is that Richard Pitino may come back to Louisville.

Congrats to Masiello on the job, I just wonder what kind of tickets he will get in trouble for in Manhattan?

Friday, April 8, 2011

NBA fines the New Jersey Nets 50K for Jay-Z incident.

It turns out that the NBA will fine the New Jersey Nets $50,000 for Jay-Z visiting the Kentucky locker room after their win over North Carolina in the Elite Eight. Kind of a steep fine in my opinion for a 1% owner of the Nets, who probably didn't know the rule existed anyway. Luckily for the Nets, Jay-Z is worth about a zillion dollars and 50K to him is pocket change.

Another off season, another Calipari NBA rumor

Being a Kentucky fan means two things, (1) pride in the Kentucky program, and (2) having to suffer through offseason rumors of Calipari to the NBA. Last season saw the rumors of William (world wide Wes) Wesley trying to sell the idea of a Cal and Lebron package to the Bulls. Why should this season be any different?

By now I'm sure most of you have seen the New York Post story saying that the Knicks could be interested in Calipari this summer should the they part ways with current head coach Mike D'Antoni. Will the Knicks part ways with D'Antoni, more than likely, will Calipari take the Job if offered, that's more difficult to answer than you may think.

There is only two NBA jobs that Calipari would even think about taking, and the Knicks is one of them (with Miami being the other). How do I know this? I don't forsure, just what I have heard people with knowledge say. But I will say this, I highly DOUBT he would take the Knicks job even IF it's offered because he has what some say is the BEST recruiting class in the history of college basketball set to take the court this fall. And coming off an unlikely Final Four run this season, makes the thought of his elusive National Championship seem highly likely next year. So I don't really see him leaving just yet.

Dick Vitale weighed in with his thoughts on the matter this morning via twitter, (@dickieV) "please let's stop the @UKcoachCalipari rumors with the NBA as he will not leave this class. Just spoke to him & he is excited about 2012!".

Another eventful off season in the bluegrass state.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Anthony Davis takes top spot

2011 6'10 forward Anthony Davis claims the top spot in the new ESPNU rankings, overtaking future Dookie Austin Rivers. Now this doesn't come as a surprise to Wildcat fans as we have known for sometime that Davis is the best recruit in the class of 2011, it just took Davis' good showing in the Micky D's game to solidify it.

With a class of Anthony Davis(ESPNU #1), Michael Gilchrist(ESPNU #3), Marquis Teague(ESPNU #7), and Kyle Wiltjer(ESPNU #18) that gives Kentucky four players in the top 20, and three in the top ten. Not to mention they got the #1 point guard in Teague, the #1 power forward in Davis, the #1 small forward in Gilchrist, and the #5 power forward in Wiltjer.

If that don't get you excited about the possibilities next season, nothing will. If Kentucky can somehow get Knight to stay(highly unlikely) for another season, and if Lamb sticks around for another year(very likely), you could be looking at one of the best teams in the past 20-25 years in college basketball.

Midnight Madness can't get here soon enough!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Knight to NBA?

You may have already seen that former Tennessee signee 2011 shooting guard Kevin Ware is getting some interest from the Cats. In a interview he was quoted as saying " they expect Knight to leave for the NBA, and if that happens they would be interested in offering a scholarship".

We will have to wait and see how this developes over the next few weeks. Hopefully we can get Knight to stick around one more year, and I still think he will.

Monday, April 4, 2011

One and Done

I know a lot has been written on the "one and done" players at Kentucky, and peoples displeasure with so many leaving early. But Kentucky fans knew what kind of talent John Calipari would be bringing in year in and year out, the best of the best. And they seemed to have no problem with it the day he was hired. Now that he has been here two years, he has put 4 freshman into the NBA(Wall,Cousins,Orton, and Bledsoe) and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Everyone who knows anything about basketball knew that John Wall was a one year player. The surprise was the departure of fellow freshman Demarcus Cousins, Daniel Orton, and Eric Bledsoe. At the start of the season last year, none of the coaches thought that Cousins, Orton, or Bledsoe would be improved enough to leave for the draft after one year. But at seasons end, all had reached a level of play where they could go on to the next level. That just speaks volumes of how John Calipari can develop players over the course of a season, and also shows why he can attract the type of talent he does at Kentucky.

But looking back on last year, if you were told that coming off a bid to the NIT you could make it to the Elite Eight and have one of the best teams in the country, but 4 freshman would leave for the draft at seasons end, I bet everyone would welcome that idea with open arms.

Now here we are again this year hearing rumors of players leaving early for the draft, and people complaining that we need some to stay to have experience. I don't buy that at all, to quote John Calipari "given the choice of experience or talent, I'll take talent every time" and I believe that. What good is experience if they aren't at the talent level of the opposing team? What good is experience if they just aren't that good? Now I know what some will say, "get a few NBA ready guys, mixed with some that will stay". I say screw that, give me 10 players ranked in the top 25 out of high school, and you take a team of "veterans" and I guarantee I win 8-10 games.

I hate the "one and done rule" I say either let them go out of high school, or make them stay at least two years in college. The rule is hurting the NBA just as bad as its hurting the college game. But since it doesn't look like the rule is going to change, I say take advantage of it while it's here. Go out, get the BEST of the BEST and coach them the best you can. If they leave for the NBA then just reload like Calipari has been doing.

I know some say that "freshman" will never win you a championship, but believe me when I say this. It's just a matter of time before a dominately freshman led team will win a championship, and it's just foolish to think other wise.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

What a season

This team started the season playing as individuals, but ended it as a team. I have never seen a team grow, improve, and come together like this one did. When the season started we had no inside game what so ever, and we had freshman that played a me first type basketball. But as the season went on you could see this team coming together, and playing as one. It didn't happen as quickly as the fans or coaches would have liked, but it did happen at just the right time.

If you would have told me when the brackets were announced that Kentucky would have been in the Final Four, I would have told you that you were crazy. Not that I didn't think this team wasn't capable of coming out of that region, it was just the fact that the region was so loaded. But they proved me and everyone else wrong on their way to the schools first Final Four in 13 longs years. The most impressive part, of all the teams expected to end the Final Four drought, it wasn't supposed to be this one. And that is just a testament to the hard work and dedication the coaching staff and players put into this season.

Speaking of coaching, this has to be one of the best coaching jobs of Calipari's career. On his way to the Final Four, Cal completely out coached Bob Huggins, Thad Matta, and Roy Williams. He made this team believe in itself when no one else did, he brought the best out of them at the right time. The turn around of Josh Harrellson just speaks volumes of the capabilities of John Calipari as a coach. What he done with DeAndre Liggins is just as impressive, but what he done for the team is just amazing. When this team was 1-6 on the road in SEC play, and setting at as low as tied for 5th in the Eastern Division of the SEC, all Cal would say is "I really like this team". He saw something no one else did, he saw the potential in this team to achieve something remarkable.

The Final Four didn't go the way we wanted, but that is no reason to take away from what this team accomplished. They made it to the last weekend of college basketball for the first time in what seems like forever. They lost to a UCONN team that has just been on fire in the post season, not to mention a team being led by a potential player of the year in Kemba Walker. Sure it's true, if Kentucky would have hit their free throws they would have won, but thats in the past. What we have now are the memories of one of the greatest seasons that Big Blue Nation has seen in over a decade.

Now that the off season is here, get ready for all kinds of rumors. There is already rumors of Cal going to the NBA(not going to happen)again, and rumors of players entering the draft(more likely than the last rumor). Some will enter the draft, and I don't blame them if they can get drafted high enough. But you gotta get past all the media BS and just enjoy what we witnessed. Because if there is one thing we have learned over the years, it's that this kind of season doesn't happen often, and should appreciated when it's accomplished.

Friday, April 1, 2011

And the hits just keep coming.

It appears that Jeff Goodman of released a story today of a 2 year investigation done by Foxsports into broken NCAA rules involving impermissible phone calls and Demarucs Cousins. Bilal Batley former assistant director of basketball operations at Kentucky and Memphis made the impermissible phone calls to Cousins while at Memphis and Kentucky, along with several other recruits.

Here's the kicker after a two year investigation, Foxsports was unable to find any NEW information on the subject. Because after Batley was let go at Kentucky, the University of Kentucky self reported the SECONDARY violations to NCAA with no mention of punishment from the NCAA. One would think that after "INVESTIGATING" for two years they would have something new to report. It's also funny that the investigation just happen to be complete by Final Four weekend. Get ready folks, things could get nasty on the media side of things tomorrow before the game. And that's the last thing any team needs is this kind of a distraction before the Final Four.

Looks like we have a Pete Thamel part 2!

Cal's First Final Four? Don't think so.

During interviews today with Kentucky players and coaches CBS writer Dennis Dodd (@dennisdoddcbs on twitter) asked Calipari " what does it feel like to coach in your first Final Four?". Now yes it's true that Cal has two vacated Final Four appearances, but is this really the time to ask this kind of question?

This seems to be a story that will keep coming up throughout Final Four weekend, but it's amazing to me how everyone has forgotten what Jim Calhoun has done at UCONN. The NCAA cited Jim Calhoun for "failure to monitor and promote an atmosphere for compliance" earlier this season. On top of that the infractions committee also had this to say "Calhoun in "his zeal" to get the recruit (Miles) enrolled at UConn and eligible to play that he permitted a booster (Nochimson), who also was a certified NBA agent, to take part in the process and that Calhoun "overlooked indications that the booster might be breaking NCAA rules." For all of this, what kind of punishment did the NCAA hand down? Basically a slap on the wrist in the form of a 3 game suspension NEXT YEAR! This is the kind of thing that the media always overlooks with other schools, but when it comes to Calipari and Kentucky it's front page news.

Now like I said, yes Cal does have the vacated Final Four appearances, but whats not being mentioned is the fact that Calipari was not named in the NCAA infractions report unlike Jim Calhoun.

Dennis Dodd (@dennisdoddcbs on twitter) being a reporter should tell both sides of the story, but you can bet you won't hear one word of the NCAA troubles that Calhoun or UCONN have seen this year.

Now I have listed Dodds twitter account its up to you what to do with it!