Monday, April 30, 2012


Kentucky fans are everywhere on WWE Monday Night Raw in Toledo Ohio tonight. The above Kentucky fan is one of many showing pride in the Cats. Looks like John Cena approves.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Just Doesn't get old seeing this!

Anthony Davis gives back

Anthony Davis presents The Shriners Children's Hospital with one of several $2000 checks with the money he raised on his autograph tour. There was a lot of complaining about the $55 price they were charging for his autograph. There's a couple things to remember, 1) Anthony DOES NOT set the prices, 2) all of the money DOES NOT go to Anthony personally, and 3) no one twisted your arm and made you go.

Sure $55 does sound like a lot, but now you know why.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

2012 Kentucky Wildcats season highlight DVD


Can't quit thinking about the Championship run the Wildcats made this year? You're not alone. The University of Kentucky , and IMG have gotten together to create a season highlight DVD celebrating the historical season. Now you can relive the beat down the Wildcats handed Indiana in the Sweetsixteen, the unforgettable thrashing of Louisville in the Final Four, and not to mention the absolute massacre of the Kansas Jayhawks for the Wildcats 8th National Title over and over. The shipping date is 5/15/12, but you can pre-order now by clicking on the link above!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

They are gone, but will not be forgotten

Well, even though I fully expected the outcome, I'm not gonna lie, it still hurt. There was a time this season I was certain that at least one would return (Gilchrist), but things changed the last month or so. When you can be assured of a top 2 or 3 pick like Gilchrist, it would be beyond foolish to return. But, it is what it is. We are left with the memories of one of the more special seasons in recent memory, and the elusive 8th National Championship that BBN has waited for, for 14 years.

This was a very special TEAM. A TEAM of high profile, highly recruited players that came in, put egos aside, made sacrifices for the better of the TEAM, and accomplished what they said they came here for at the first of the year. A TEAM that never let any outside negativity alter the course they were on. A TEAM that, when most in the sports world said a team of freshman could never win a championship, shrugged it off, and set out to prove their doubters wrong. Boy, did they ever prove them wrong. While the nation kept waiting for the "young" Wildcats to crumble under the pressure of the NCAA tournament, or the massive amounts of expectations that was, in a way, unfairly placed upon them, they never batted an eye. They accepted it,and ran all the way to Bourbon Street, and came home with a NCAA Championship. And for that, BBN is in debt to them.

So, while we would love to keep these guys around for four years, we are not gonna let their departure change the way we think of them. We are gonna thank them for what they accomplished, wish them well wherever they land, and let them know that they will forever be a part of Big Blue Nation.

And which ever teams are LUCKY enough to draft any of these guys will see their merchandise sales go through the roof, because BBN is just that passionate about their Wildcats.

UK presser at 2pm

Today at 2pm, Jones, Davis, Teague, Lamb, and Kidd- Gilchrist will make their decisions know concerning the NBA draft. Smart money is on ALL 5 underclassmen putting their name into the NBA draft. With all 5 being projected to go in the first round, it seems inevitable.

What makes this announcement different than others saying they are leaving early, is the fact that this group brought home #8. Yes it will hurt to hear it, but a thank you has been earned.

So we here at Big Blue Corner say THANK YOU and good luck in the future. But we are still hoping for the IMPOSSIBLE announcement of all returning. One can dream cant they?


Apparently the press conference has been moved from 2pm to 7pm and will likely be shown on ESPN. I don't think the time change means anything. Still expect all 5 to leave, but here's to hoping!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Noel commitment brings out the hate

This past Wednesday, it looked as if recruiting genius John Calipari was gonna miss out on the nations top two prospects. Before Muhammad and Noel made their destinations known, sports writers were saying neither was gonna pick the Cats. When Muhammad took the mic, it appeared as though the writers were right as he selected UCLA. There was still nervousness with Noel, as most were predicting he would be headed to Georgetown. But when all was said and done, it was UK that was shaved into what is sure to become the most famous flattop in college basketball next season.

With the commitment of the best shot blocker in high school, and the forth straight #1 ranked recruiting class, fans of other schools took to their keyboards. It was the usual bile that opposing fans spew when Kentucky or John Calipari succeed at anything. But I have to admit, some of it was actually entertaining to read. Makes you wonder about the thought process of some people. I'm gonna share a few of the ones I found humorous, there were some that I will not mention as they are very disrespectful to the parties involved.

It shows he can spell the name of the school, which puts him ahead of most LSU recruits.

EVERYONE should have known this was going to happen. This is like a girl turning down an offer from UCONN, rare. If I was 18 and told I could make 3-10 Mill after a year of school, I would sign the offer in my sleep.... Should have gone to CUSE though, we're stacked.

That's why I hate these big schools. I mean, of course your gonna win all the time if every year you get the top 5 high school players in the country. It's like the Lakers acquiring Derrick Rose, LeBron James, and Dwight Howard at cente. It's kinda ridiculous.

Wait... Are we sure that isn't Kid n Play?

You know your going to be better if you lose one eyebrow and replace it with two

At least this guy has TWO eyebrows


I never watch basketball and this is why

Huh, weird. The cheater gets another top ranked recruit. Imagine that.

NCAA is a joke. We are supposed to believe that these guys go to class, lol!!! Let them go to the pros right off. Just a way for colleges to get rich, while the REAL students struggle to pay for it.

Should have had a $ sign instead of the U of K.... They leave for the NBA at KU quick
It really annoys me when people use KU for Kentucky. But it REALLY annoys me when they see UK on TV and STILL use KU.

Let's see their team GPA at the end of the year
Guess this fellow missed our GPA this past season when Kentucky was #1 in the SEC

GREAT.,. We get to see one of the same four or five teams win the national championship again next year. It will either be Kentucky, North Carolina, Duke, or Kansas.
That's why those teams are called the "ELITE" teams in college basketball. That's why you didn't list BYU.

The ones that I didn't list here were directed towards Nerlen's in a extreme negative way from fans that wanted him to join their team. Now, I'm not saying that some Kentucky fans aren't just as bad, because our select few are. But there is no reason in flooding these KIDS' Facebook, Twitter or phones with some of the things I have seen. Some people say its the "one and done" rule, or coaches like John Calipari that is ruining college basketball. They're wrong. It's people who attack these KIDS for making a decision that is best for THEM.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Cal and the trophy to be in Ashland

John Caipari and the NCAA Champioship trophy is going to be at the Kroger store in Ashland today. They are supposed to be there from 12-1 pm. So if your going to fight the crowd, you better get there EARLY!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Noel picks CATS

After a day of speculation, after seeing the #2 recruit in the country spurn the CATS for UCLA. NERLENS Noel unvailed the haircut around the world. Noel will attend Kentucky next season, and will pick up where Anthony Davis left off. Now we are hearing that the CATS are close to closing the deal on Anthony Bennett. This could get ridiculous folks.

According to ESPNU, with the addition of Nerlens Noel, this gives Kentucky an unheard of 4th consecutive #1 recruiting class. INSANE!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Friday, April 6, 2012

Cal reunites with Big Cuz

Coach Cal is out in L.A. With Anthony Davis for the John Wooden Award presentation and dinner. Looks like he found some familiar faces to hang out with while in town.

@UKCoachCalipari:Found my wife's son in LA, @boogiecousins. Gonna try to catch the 2nd half of @pdpatt's game after the Wooden dinner.

Dickie V gets a Championship shirt

Some Kentucky fans presented Dick Vitale with a Kentucky National Championship T-Shirt. This is why I love Dickie V. He embraces the game, and more importantly, the fans. Thanks to the unidentified Kentucky fans for presenting the voice of college basketball with the shirt. Well done.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Reminder: Davis will be on Kimmel Live

Don't forget tonight at midnight, Kentucky's own Anthony Davis will be on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Judging from Kimmel's tweet below, he is excited to see the power of "The Brow"

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Anthony Davis to be on Jimmy Kimmel

Looks like our man Anthony "The Brow" Davis will be on the Jimmy Kimmel show this Thursday night. Wonder how long it will take for Kimmel to ask about the power of the brow?

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

There it is!

No words needed.

At Rupp in a few minutes

If your lucky enough to be at Rupp Arena today to help celebrate Kentucky National Championship, there's a good chance you will get one of the above posters. These are supposed to be given out today at Rupp.

Kentucky gets #8

Look at it. It's a sight Kentucky fans have waited to see for 14 long years. Something that every fan has dreamed about since 1998. Last night it finally happened. In New Orleans, Kentucky captured its 8th NCAA Championship, and John Calipari's first. Calipari was able to win his first title the way everyone said he couldn't. With a team dominated with freshman. All you heard since the arrival of Calipari at Kentucky was, he will never win a championship with his "one and done" style of recruiting. Well, last night proved otherwise. But it wasn't just the freshman, it was the entire team that made this possible. From Darius Miller being willing to come off the bench, to Eloy Vargas playing when called upon. They all made sacrifices that made this possible. So congratulations to the Wildcats, and John Calipari. Thank you for one hell of a season, and one I'm sure we will remember forever.


Sunday, April 1, 2012

Davis wins Naismith NPOY

Anthony Davis has been awarded the Naismith National Player Of The Year, making it a complete sweep of all the major player of the year awards. With this award, Davis has become the most decorated freshman in NCAA history by winning the NPOY, Deffensive Player Of The Year, and National Frshman Of The Year. Just to give you an idea of how big this accomplishment is, Kevin Durant only won two of the awards. Player of the year, and Freshman of The Year. Congratulations to Anthony Davis.