Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Knight, Jones, Pelphrey and more

Well there has been a lot to take place this week involving college basketball in general, and since there isn't much news on the Kentucky side of things let's talk about the other stuff.

First, Steve Massiello was named the new head coach of the Manhattan Jaspers. I think Massiello can and will have success in Manhattan, he will have to surround himself with a good staff though. Massiello studied under one of the best coaches in the game in Rick Pitino. Love him or hate him, you can't deny what he has accomplished on the court. So good luck to Massiello, and let's hope he has learned form Pitino's mistakes and doesn't get involved with anyone willing to have sex on a restaurant table and then marries someone on your staff.

With the departure of Steve Massiello from Louisville, it looks like Rick Pitino's son Richard will rejoin his staff. Not sure what he brings to the table as far as an assistant coach, but at least Cat fans will only have to look at him one time a year instead of two like when he was at Florida.

Staying on the Florida side of things, since being fired at Arkansas John Pelphrey will take a step down and go back to his old job, being an assistant for Billy Donovan at Florida.
This is kinda shocking to me that Pelphrey could not find a head coaching job anywhere, and has to settle for being an assistant. But this just goes to prove my thoughts on his coaching ability. Funny thing is, it wasn't very long ago I remember a lot of Kentucky fans wanting Pelphrey to replace Billy G., and even Tubby Smith. Safe to say Kentucky side stepped that land mine. But I will give Pelphrey one thing, the guy can recruit. He was a big part in making Florida relevant, and had a top 10 class signed at Arkansas for next season. This was a good move by Donovan as his recruiting has slipped a little over the past couple of seasons.

Probably the most interesting story of the day involves current player of the year winner Jimmer Fredette. It seems if you attend BYU, and you succeed at anything other than academics they don't want you on campus. After leading BYU to the sweet sixteen, not to mention their best season in a million years Jimmer won Naismith player of the year honors. After flying to L.A. to take part in the award cermonies, and to be on Jimmy Kimmel Live, BYU no longer wants him on campus, saying that he is too big of a distraction to other students. A distraction? Really? Shouldn't this be a time when a university promotes this type of thing? It was bad enough when they dismissed a teammate of Jimmer's earier in the year for having sex with a girlfriend claiming it was against their honor code, but to tell a kid that he is a distraction after what he has done for your program and university is beyond absurd. But it's all good because they told Jimmer that he can finish his classes online. I can't think of a better way to attract people(not just athletes but students in general) to your university.

The only bit of Kentucky news today is that Coach Cal was supposed to meet with Knight and Jones to discuss their options with the NBA draft today. To hear Cal talk publicly, he doesn't seem too eagar to push them to enter the draft with a potential lock out looming. But in the end it is the players decision and what is best for them. But with so many top players electing to stay in school another year, it could push Knight and Jones to make the jump. It has to improve their draft status now that a weak draft became even worse.

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