Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Blue White game

Tonight is the Blue White game, and I can't wait!!! We should really see how the last couple weeks of practice has affected this team. Been hearing that Dandre Liggins is playing really well, and shooting the ball better than he ever has! Terrance Jones has been looking good since he has recovered some what from his injury. Should be a fun night of basketball!!! The real season is all most here folks, should be a wild ride!!! Will have my thoughts about the game tomorrow.

Monday, October 18, 2010

"Blue Dawn"

Just got the "Blue Dawn" DVD in the mail today! This is one thing every Kentucky fan needs. It's AMAZING!!! It's a behind the scenes look at the 2009-10 season. Goes inside the locker room before and after games, Big Blue Madness and all. It's a great look inside the Kentucky program!!! GO BUY IT NOW!!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

UofL gets a woman beater

Louisville basketball signs a guy who pled guilty to assault on a woman, and they have the nerve to look down on Kentucky players. That's just hilarious all in it's own. It's obvious that Rick Pitino has lost what little integrity he ever had! First was the 15 second affair, and now he signs a guy that beat up on a female? Now that's classy!!! Keep lookin down on other schools Louisville fans, while your world is slowly crumbling around you!!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Robbie Hummel done for the season

Sad news about Robbie Hummel today as it's being reported that in the second drill of practice he re-injured his knee and is done for the season. I hate to hear this as Robbie is one of my favorite non-Kentucky players. Classy kid and is an example of a student athlete doin almost everything the right way! This is a very big blow to Purdue and their season! I wish Robbie a speedy and full recovery!!!

Mdaness: the day after

Well Madness is done and over with for the most part. The only one I got to see was Kentucky's Big Blue Madness. The highlight of the night was Enes Kanters entrance as WWE superstar The Undertaker. It's always good to see these players have fun and be themselves. The night was capped off by a scrimmage as always, and I gotta say, this is going to be a good team that will take some lumps early on in the year. They don't have the bulk or speed of last years team, and they dont have the over all talent of last years team. In my eyes there was two players that stood out to me and that was of course Brandon Knight and Terence Jones. Kinght is an explosive point guard with a very quick first step to the basket. And bonus he can step out and hit the long range shot. He has a very high basketball I.Q. And great court vision and awareness. Terence Jones is a great talent that needs a little fine tuning. He is very good down low and he also can step out and hit the three, but he will have to learn when to take advantage of his size when he can instead of settling for the jumper. He can handle the ball very well for a big man and rebound like a wild man, as he has shown in high school. The player that looked most improved was Jon Hood. Now I know no defense was played last night, but he was dunking the ball like crazy! The kid has serious hops, and a decent stroke. His strength will be driving to the basket, and as soon as he learns that he will be a major bright spot on the team. All in all we saw a preview of the season and there is a lot to be excited about, but there is a lot of improving to do as well (as we seen from the games in Canada). And let's face it, if Kanter does not get eligible we could be hurting worse then people care to realize. So let's just get the season started and see how it plays out. Should be a wild and exciting season as always!!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010


Former University of Kentucky Basketball player Darnell Dodson has been arrested in Lexington for misconduct. Report says that he was involved in some sort of altercation. kentuckysportsradio.com has the whole story. Safe to say Kentucky side stepped that land mine by releasing him!!!


Well it's the start of practice for college basketball, and teams all across the country are having a Midnight Madness type of event. This is the time of year all college basketball fans wait for. NBA,NFL,MLB are in a die hard college basketball fans eyes, just a way to kill time till the start of the REAL season! We finally have something to take our minds off some of the off season drama that has occurred. Kentucky's Eric Bledsoe transcript issue ( thanks Thameltoe), Rick Pitino's 15 seconds of an affair, Jim Calhouns issues at UCONN and Bruce Pearls inability to tell the truth just to name a few. Let's put all this behind us and get ready for a KICK ASS season starting with Midnight Madness tonight!!! More tomorrow!!!