Friday, April 8, 2011

Another off season, another Calipari NBA rumor

Being a Kentucky fan means two things, (1) pride in the Kentucky program, and (2) having to suffer through offseason rumors of Calipari to the NBA. Last season saw the rumors of William (world wide Wes) Wesley trying to sell the idea of a Cal and Lebron package to the Bulls. Why should this season be any different?

By now I'm sure most of you have seen the New York Post story saying that the Knicks could be interested in Calipari this summer should the they part ways with current head coach Mike D'Antoni. Will the Knicks part ways with D'Antoni, more than likely, will Calipari take the Job if offered, that's more difficult to answer than you may think.

There is only two NBA jobs that Calipari would even think about taking, and the Knicks is one of them (with Miami being the other). How do I know this? I don't forsure, just what I have heard people with knowledge say. But I will say this, I highly DOUBT he would take the Knicks job even IF it's offered because he has what some say is the BEST recruiting class in the history of college basketball set to take the court this fall. And coming off an unlikely Final Four run this season, makes the thought of his elusive National Championship seem highly likely next year. So I don't really see him leaving just yet.

Dick Vitale weighed in with his thoughts on the matter this morning via twitter, (@dickieV) "please let's stop the @UKcoachCalipari rumors with the NBA as he will not leave this class. Just spoke to him & he is excited about 2012!".

Another eventful off season in the bluegrass state.

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