Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Richard Pitino head coach at UofL?

Like I said earlier, Richard Pitino will rejoin his father's staff as an assistant coach at the University of Louisville. But now there are reports surfacing that he is coming to be an assistant but also a head coach in waiting. Meaning if and when Rick Pitino should decide to retire, next in line for the job would be little Richard Pitino.

Now, as a Kentucky fan you have got to hope this is true just for the humor factor. How could a university whose fans claim that they are on the same level as a Duke,UNC,UK,KU actually let this happen. Is Louisville actually going to let their next head coach learn by on the job training? Hell, if that was the route they were going to go with they should have held on to Steve Massiello.

So the next time a Louisville fan starts in with their usual downgrading of Kentucky and Calipari, just remind them who their supposed coach in waiting is.

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