Wednesday, April 20, 2011

ESPN responds

On the day I learned about the comments made by Bobby Knight I tried endlessly to get in contact with someone at ESPN. But once I saw that other (bigger) people were getting involved, I backed off. Then today I come home from work check my eamil and found this from ESPN in my inbox.

Thanks for contacting ESPN and giving us an opportunity to respond.

Bob Knight’s comments do not reflect the opinions of and are not endorsed by ESPN. We have communicated to him our disappointment and welcome his apology.

Bob Knight issued the following statement, "My overall point is that “one and dones” are not healthy for college basketball. I should not have made it personal to Kentucky and its players and I apologize."

We appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts with us and have shared your comments with the appropriate executives.

ESPN Media Response

Now I know that a lot of people may have received the same response as the one above, I just found this funny that they would respond 2 days after the fact. It shows that they really felt some heat over the situation to respond to some guy who writes a blog.

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