Friday, July 27, 2012

Lolo Jones a Kentucky fan?

Former LSU track star, and current Olympic runner in London Lolo Jones is a Kentucky Wildcat fan. At least that's what I wanna think after seeing the pictures above with former wildcats. Now I honestly have no idea if she is REALLY a Kentucky fan or not, but she's one in my book. I wonder if we can get her to be the "Y" at halftime?

Lolo Jones a Kentucky fan?

Lolo Jones a Kentucky fan?

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Still supporting Joe Paterno? Really?

(photo by: SI)

When the story broke about Penn State, no one was more shocked and surprised than I was. I'm not a fan of Penn State, or Joe Paterno, but there is no way something like this could take place on a college campus, right? Well, now we know the horrifying truth. Jerry Sandusky committed one of the most DISGUSTING acts that an adult of sane mind could commit. But there's no way Joe Paterno could have known about it, right? WRONG.

The day former FBI director Louis Freeh released the findings of his investigation, an investigation that Penn State officials agreed to, everyone knew the awful truth. Not only did Jerry Sandusky commit this horrible crime (several times) but, there was proof of a cover up and "Joepa" (dumbest nickname ever) was right in the middle of it.

Fast forward to the day NCAA president Mark Emmert handed down their punishment. The reaction of the students and fans was, for lack of a better word, shocking. Students crying, fans grieving, not over the victims either. No, their reaction was over the fact that Joe Paterno had some wins taken away from his record, 14 years worth to be exact. Really?... REALLY? you're crying over having to miss bowl games for four years, and having 100 some odd wins vacated while the victims and their families may never be the same. Some fans were quoted as saying, "Joepa didn't deserve this", "Joe was a good man", or my personell favorite "This was like watching 9/11 all over again". So your comparing this to the worst act of terrorism this great nation has ever seen? Interesting to say the least.

Now let me tell you why Joe Paterno's legacy got what it deserved. When the Freeh report was released, in it was evidence that Paterno was heavily involved in the cover up for Jerry Sandusky. When interviewed by the Washington post in January of this year Paterno said "I didn't know exactly how to handle it and I was afraid to do something that might jeopardize what the university procedure was. So I backed away and turned it over to some other people." So let me get this straight, he didn't want to go against university procedure over (at the time) accusations of child abuse. If the university procedure is anything other than alerting the authorities, than there is more wrong at Penn State than we know. Also, when he "turned it over to other people" don't you think he might want to and see what's being done about it?

The report goes on to mention an incident that occurred on May 19th 1998, of a woman confronting Sandusky, and asking him if he had touched her sons "private parts". Sandusky's response.. "I don't think so... maybe. Maybe? Is this not something you would remember? Joe Paterno had DIRECT knowledge of the allegation, and investigation but DID NOT report it to the board of trustees, or even discuss it with Sandusky.

This is the man "fans" and students are defending. I wonder if it was THIER child if they would say "Joepa done all he could do about it, but I hope they don't vacate victories from his record". If this countries priorities are this far out of whack, I dread to see the future.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

UK on Americas Got Talent

The cloggers that performed at Big Blue Madness several years back, are in the quarter finals of Americas Got Talent.

During their introduction, one of the performers was sporting a UK hat.

BBN needs to vote these guys through just for that.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Preparing for college

Laken McKinney, a 2012 graduate of Fairview High School, and an incoming freshman at the University of Pikeville this fall, is spending her summer preparing for college golf. While most incoming freshman spend the summer before college going to the mall and hanging around with friends, Laken is showing why she received a scholarship for women's golf.

Today Laken won her second EKJGA (Eastern Kentucky Junior Golfers Association) tournament at Bellefonte Country Club, by shooting an 88 on 18 holes. Out of four EKJGA tournaments that Laken has entered this summer, she has finished no lower than third, and picked up another victory at Hidden Cove Golf Course in Grayson Kentucky. With this type of play, Laken figures to be one of the top five players at UPike as a freshman.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Davis fitting in...

LeBron James posted this pic on Instagram. Looks like Anthony Davis (lower left hand corner) is fitting in nicely with Team USA in Barcelona. Next up... London.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Davis OFFICIALLY added to team USA

Looks like Anthony Davis has been officially added to Team USA, to replace an injured Blake Griffin. Griffin suffered a Medial Meniscus tear in his left knee, opening a spot for Davis.

Last night, USA played the Dominican team in a exhibition in Las Vegas. Davis didn't see the floor until the fourth quarter, but when he heard his name called to enter the game, Davis took advantage of the opportunity. Scoring 9 pts, including a four point play that brought the USA bench to its feet. After knocking down the three, Davis threw up the " 3 goggles" as LeBron James, and Kevin Durant ran to help him up off the floor.

I couldn't imagine being in Anthony Davis' shoes, winning National Payer of the Year, a National Championship, being on Team USA for the Olympics, and having two of the best players in the world help you up off the floor, all in one year.

Look out London, "The Brow" is coming.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Anthony Davis Called Up... For now

By now, I'm sure the entire BBN has heard that Anthony Davis has been summoned to Las Vegas to fill in for an injured Blake Griffin. It's the start of the second half, and Anthony still hasn't seen the floor. I'm sure it's because Coack K just hates Davis. All joking aside, I hope Griffin is ok, and there is no serious injury involved. Anthony Davis is an alternate for the USA Olympic team, that's the reason why he was rushed to Las Vegas to compete in the game against the Dominican Republic.

Speaking of the Dominican Republic team. After watching them play one quarter against the USA, it speaks volumes of what kind of coach John Caliapri is. They are absolutely painful to watch, and to think they were five minutes away from qualifying for the countries first ever Olympic birth is impressive.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Kentucky, Calipari Effect

MKG posted this pic on InstaGram. Gotta admit, I wish those jerseys still said Kentucky across the chest.