Saturday, December 31, 2011

Kentucky Wins

The afternoon was set for a great showdown between the Cats and Cards, you had the lovely Ashley Judd in the house, as well as a surprise visit from rap icon Jay-Z. Everything was perfect, then came the officials. The amount of fouls called (51 between both teams) was absolutely insane, both teams had MAJOR foul trouble the enitre game. a game that should have been a barn burner, was quickly turned into long drawn out foul fest.

Kentucky got the win (no thanks to the upper classman) thanks two MKG (24 pts), and The Brow (18pts, 6blks, 10rebs). You saw today, why MKG is a lottery pick (I still think he returns next season), and why Anthony Davis will be the #1 pick in next years draft. Kidd-Gilchrist played like a man the enitre game, and at times, was even the vocal leader of the team, something I like seeing from a freshman. He slashed to the basket at will, and claimed any and all rebounds with serious intensity. NO ONE for UofL could handle Gillie one on one, same goes for Davis. Did I mention that Davis didn't score a single point until the second half? Insane I know.

All in all, it was a fun game (should have been even more fun) and nice to see Kentucky pull out a tough win against a quality opponent. Going forward, Kentucky will need more out of the upper classman other than turnovers and bonehead plays that freshman usually make. I'll break the game down in more detail tomorrow, right now, it's time to drink some adult type drinks, and celebrate the New Year and big win over the Dirty Birds.

Friday, December 30, 2011

About that time

Well boys and girls, it's about that time. Time for the game that causes husbands to turn on wives, and grandkids to slap grandparents. The game that splits the state like a civil war filled with pride, hate, and down right despite for the opposing side.

It's a rivalry unlike any other in college basketball. ESPN says the greatest rivalry in college basketball takes place on "tobacco road", that's because they're afraid to make the trip down I-64 to witness a TRUE rivalry. A rivalry, that every year turns brother against brother.

I could could go into stats, and try to break down the game, but it's pointless. When these two teams play, stats and facts go out the window. There is too much heart, and determination that goes into this game for the stats to matter. One team could be ranked #1 and the other #3000 and it would still be a battle till the end. That's what makes this game so special, then you through the Cal-Pitino factor into it, and it goes to a whole other level.

Louisville fans have been out in force this week (pics above) talking trash, as have the UK fans. Come around 2 pm tomorrow we will find out which side can have bragging rights 'till next season.

Until then, let's hope the game is fun, exciting, safe, and shows why it IS the BEST rivalry in college basketball.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Without Jones

Last night Kentucky took the floor without Terrence Jones, someone who most thought was the most important part of this years team. The problem was, Kentucky looked better without Jones.

Now, before you bash me, think about it for a second. In one of the most hostile games of the year against Indiana, Terrence may as well have just stayed in Lexington, and not have wasted the P.A. guys time of calling his name during intros. Going for 2 rebounds,only putting up 2 shots for the game, and standing like a statue on defense is not what you expect out of someone wanting to be taken in the lottery portion of the NBA draft.

Then, there was the UTC game. Sure he dislocated his pinkie, but what about the time he had on the floor before that? Nothing but turnovers, and poor shot selection was the theme of the game for Jones. I'm not bashing or hating on anyone, just calling it like I see it, and what I see is a player with something affecting his game. Whatever it is, Jones needs to get it worked out, or he will be forced to return for his junior year.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Patrick Patterson's new job

Looks like former Kentucky Wildcat Patrick Patterson has found a way to occupy himself while recovering from surgery to remove bone spurs on his ankle. Working at the Houston Rockets ticket window seems to suit him nicely.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Calipari still coaches Memphis

Apparently the Memphis Tigers had a game tonight. I don't know who they played, and frankly, I don't care. But one of the funniest things I have ever heard of took place during the announcement of the starting lineups.

The man in the picture above, the PA announcer for Memphis Chuck Roberts announced the Memphis Head Coach as John Calipari...

Gary Parrish of CBS sports had this to say on Twitter:

@GaryParrishCBS: PA announcer Chuck Roberts just introduced the head coach of Memphis as "John Calipari." Loudest boos of the season

I don't care who you are that is just funny. Guess ole' Chuck still misses Calipari.

Jones Responds PartII

No sooner than I made the last post, Terrence stuck again on Twitter

@TerrenceJones1: To all our true fans in the #BBN who have our backs through thick and thin, both me and my teammates will make you proud again. #WeAreUK

Now, reading that message leads me to believe as always some fans have loaded Terrence's timeline on Twitter with derogatory messages. I hope that is not the case, but you know how 1 or 2% of our fanbase is. Like I said before,if you have nothing good to say, then shut up. These are kids playing a sport, not a life and death situation, and there is never an excuse for publicly calling a player out, that is the coaches job not the fans.

Terrence Jones Responds

After his worst game of the season yesterday, everyone was wondering, what in the world was going on with Terrence Jones?

Well, no one knows. But he took to Twitter today, and left somewhat of a cryptic message.

@TerrenceJones1: Let my haters have they night last night but still a lot of games my bros know that's all that matters I don't forget nothing.

While it sounds like Jones understands he didn't play his best when his team needed him to, it still leaves a lot of questions about his effort given durning yesterday's game. Let's just hope he gets things figured out in a hurry.

Jorts is a Knick

The New York Knicks have officially signed former Wildcat, Josh 'Jorts' Harrellson to a contract. By all accounts, he is now practicing with the team. If there was ever a true example of what hard work and dedication can achieve, Josh is it.

I wonder who the first victim of Josh's vaunted ball spike off the chest will be? Jared Sullinger can be contacted for more information on this subject at,

Indiana UPSETS Kentucky


Well, that was hard to watch. I know it's a little late for a post game entry, but I'm not one to write a post on the same day as a loss. I find that if you write the same day as a loss, you say things that don't need to be put in print, and you just end up embarrassing yourself.

But after a night filled with slinging various obscenities around, and drinking a few adult beverages, you have time to reflect on the game with a more sound mind. Then you can talk about the game without bringing shame to your family.

Kentucky went into this game, not fully understanding the type of atmosphere or opponent that awaited them. Once the game started, you could tell that most on the team looked a bit intimidated. After this first timeout, Kentucky looked more like themselves, but by then it was too late, as foul trouble had started. With key players, Anthony Davis, Doron Lamb on the bench with foul trouble, all Kentucky could do was survive the first half. Seeing his team fall behind by 9 with 2 minutes until halftime, Calipari took a risk, and inserted Lamb back into the game 2 fouls and all. To his credit, it paid off as Kentucky cut the 9 point lead to one at the break.

But the second half started just like the first. Kentucky falls behind quickly, Indiana hit every shot it put up (7 threes in a row) and quickly took any momentum Kentucky had coming out of the locker room. Long story short, Kentucky missed crucial freethrows down the stretch, and Indiana hit big shot, after big shot to pull off the UPSET. Notice UPSET is in bold. That is for the numerous sports writers who said an Indiana victory wouldn't be an upset. Well, let me explain something to those who are supposed to be PROFESSIONAL sports writers. When an UNRANKED team beats the #1 team in the country, it IS an UPSET.

Now I'm sure that they were just blinded by their severe hatred of everything Kentucky and Calipari to notice the mass storming of the court that took place following the game. You don't storm the court for a game that isn't an upset. Im just saying.

The things that I said kentucky had to do in my Indiana preview post didn't happen. I said they had to guard the three, didn't happen as IU shot a blistering 60% on 9-15 shooting from deep.

I said they had to take care of the ball, they didn't coughing it up 17 times. You can't do that in any game, certainly not on the road.

I mentioned the fact, that for Kentucky to win this game, they would have to knock down some outside shots. Shooting 28% on 2-7 from deep is not going to get it done.

Last, but not least was, they must maintain composure. If you watched the game, you could tell only Lamb, Gilchirst, and Teague (second half) accomplished this. To be honest, Gilchrist was the ONLY reason kentucky stayed in the game. He played like a complete beast. The others, looked like a deer in headlights. Everything that could have went wrong for Kentucky did. And everything that could have went right for IU did.

It was a great win, for a team trying to get back to being relevant. But, for people to say that "Indiana finally has the horses to beat Kentucky" is just being silly. If these two teams played 10 times, Indiana wins once maybe twice. But, on this night, Indiana was the better team and deserved the win. They just wanted it more.

I'm not going to break down the individual performances of Kentucky, because there isn't much to break down, outisde of Gilchrist, Teague, and Lamb. The one, and only player that had a game worth talking about was Terrence Jones. But, I was taught at an early age, if you don't have anything nice to say, you don't say anything at all. That's exactly what I'm doing here, saying nothing at all.

In closing, Kentucky doesn't play again until next Saturday. With a whole week off, I'd imagine Calipari will have some spirited practices.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Indiana Preview

Tomorrow we get to find out if all the trash talk coming from the IU fanbase is legit, or just something they are trying to convince themselves of.

It seems that national sports writers are also believing that there is an upset brewing in Hoosierville. They may be right, but when was the last time you seen a #1 ranked team get so little respect? Not saying that we are entitled to respect, I know it's earned. But I would have thought beating UNC ( clear contender for the National Title ) would have earned a least a little. Judging by the 3.5 points Kentucky is favored by tomorrow, it seems no one believes in this team except Kentucky fans.

So that got me looking at the national rankings, and what I found was somewhat surprising.


Kentucky ranks 15th in the nation averaging 82.4 ppg
Indiana comes in at #7 with 85


Kentucky is not in the top 25

Indiana is #4 with 44% from deep


Kentucky is ranked 4th with 43.5 rpg

Indiana not ranked in top 25


Kentucky ranked 23rd with 49%

Indiana is ranked 6th with 52.3 %


Kentucky not in the top 25

Indiana is currently 12th with 10.1 spg


Kentucky is #1 in the country with 10.9 bpg

Indiana not in the top 25

Out of the six main categories, Indiana is ranked higher than Kentucky in four. I know the Hoosiers hasn't had the stiffest competition so far this season, but you still have to respect the numbers. And one thing is for sure, Kentucky must guard the 3 a lot better than it did against UNC last Saturday.

This is Kentucky's first true road test, and you better believe the environment is going to be one of the loudest Kentucky will see all year on the road. They must maintain their composure, limit turnovers, defend the three, and knock down their own outside shots to win this game.

Maybe 3.5 favorite isn't that far off. Only time will tell.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Enes Kanter Making Friends

Looks like everyone's favorite former Wildcat (damn you NCAA) is making some new friends. Wonder if Kobe will pose for another picture after Kanter posterizes him this season?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

IU UK Rivalry Heating Up

How long has it been since the Kentucky and Indiana fan base's have went back and forth at each other before a game? I can't remember either. Kentucky went through some down times, the latter part of Tubby's tenure, and with the hiring of Billy G. Then, when Kentucky started to turn things around with the hiring of John Calipari, Indiana was going through some of their own turmoil with the firing of Kelvin Sampson, mass exodus of players, and trying to navigate the waters of a NCAA investigation which eventually landed them on probation. Then came Tom Crean. Crean took over a team that hardly resembled a team. His first year, he barely had enough bodies to put a team on the floor.

But after a couple of good recruiting seasons, and landing his best commitment to date (Cody Zeller), he has Indiana heading in the right direction. Indiana is setting on perfect 8-0 record so far this season, with their only quality win being over NC State. But still, a huge improvement over the way he started his carrer at IU. Tom Crean is a quality coach, and you knew it was just a matter of time before he got things turned around. And that is what makes the match up with Kentucky Saturday so intriguing. Never mind the fact that he, and UK coach John Calipari are friends, and at times the two get into a Twitter battle, both men are doing what they were hired to do. Insert life back into their respective programs.

Now, I'm not one to read message boards as I find them annoying, and at times harmful to a university. But, some of the posts I've seen between IU and UK fans today prove that Calipari and Crean are succeeding at their jobs.

Here are some samples:

all4IU: You guys will never get it will you? Cheaters don't win anything. No matter how many titles/games you won they mean nothing! You are scumbags of college hoops and the perfect example of what is wrong with today's college athletics. Everyone in college basketball knows that FOR FACT!

My what short memories IU fans have

h1960: Will someone here please post the cover of the 1989 SI article? It seems our "friends" to the south have poor memories regarding the antics of UK!


IURU-...yrusty: I would slide down a razor blade into a pool of iodine for IU to beat UK on Saturday.
Best post I have ever seen, HILARIOUS

outside shooter: This young KY team has never played on the road and will choke under the pressure. Take care of the ball and exploit their aggressiveness to get easy scores yourself.

Indiana has only played TWO road games this year with the toughest being NC State (impressive win for them)

carriu: for a team of paid players yours hasn't fared so well lately. When was the last time you pUKes were in the FF. And when have you ever won without Indiana kids

I can't even defend this post.

Now I know that these are all from IU fans and none from Kentucky Fans, but it's just funnier that way.

This is what makes college sports so great. Two groups of fans can get so wrapped up in this sport that it dulls the line between sanity and common sense. There is nothing better than college sports, and as long as coaches like John Calipari and Tom Crean continue to give the fans what they want, it will continue.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Kentucky BROW beats UNC

I had to miss what is sure to be the best regular season game of the year thanks to having a job. But, thanks to an invention called DVR, and a loving wife who understands my obsession with Kentucky basketball, I got to watch it later. I gotta say, the game certainly didn't disappoint.

It had the feeling of a regional final, or a Final Four game, or to quote coach Cal an "end all to end all" type of atmosphere. Both teams played with passion and aggression you normally don't see until late March or early April. It was just fitting that it would end in a one point victory.

But, to get that one point victory it took an impressive play by Anthony Davis. Who knew he could fly? That's exactly what it looked like he did when he jumped from one side of the lane to the other, to block John Hensons' potential game winning shot attempt. When Davis stretched out, and raised his arm, he looked like he was 14 feet long, and it took every inch of him to save the day.

When John Henson was asked about the block,he sounded impressed:

"I thought I was open. It was a little taste of my own medicine, which is kind of funny. I've done that before, and he did it to me this game. Credit to him. It was a great play by a great player."

Darius Miller on Davis' block:

"Where did he even come from? I thought Henson had a clean look at it. That was a crazy blocked shot."

Anthony Davis on his block:

"I just sprinted as fast as I could and jumped with my hand as high as I could get it. I thought I could get to it."

Tyler Zeller didn't have quite the enthusiasm as John Henson had when he was asked about Anthony Davis:

Zeller: "I'm not going to comment on that"

This response would leave one to believe that Zeller had a hard time dealing with Davis in the low post. But later, he mustered up some what of a comment.

Zeller: "He's young. I think he has great potential."

This was an excellent game for ANY college basketball fan, and was what most called, a preview of things to come in April. Now, I don't believe that you can pencil in UK and UNC for the National Championship game for certain as OSU and Syracuse would have something to say about that. But, it's not a far stretch because as of right now these are clearly the two best teams at this time in the country.

There was some odd happenings the last few seconds of the game as UNC players stood around in shock after Davis' block, not fouling and letting the final 5 seconds tick away. Then, with 2 or 3 seconds left, some say Marquis Teague appeared to travel with no whistle. I watched the game, did he travel? Possibly. But, it's hard to tell as it looked to me the ball was knocked out of his hand by a UNC player.

One sports writer, took to twitter claiming that Kentucky got a favorable no call, and that UNC should have had one more shot. Who was the sports writer you ask. One of Kentucky fans favorites, Dan Wolken.

@DanWolken: "I'll tell you what, Marquis Teague might have Wesley Withersoon'd that ending.

@DanWolken: "Teague walked with one second left. Absolutely, he walked.

@DanWolken: "Ran it back three times. Teague traveled. UNC should've had one mo shot

Now, someone needs to tell Ole' Dan, that UNC has no one to blame but themselves for the ending to that game. Had they fouled after the block like Roy Williams was trying to get them to do by jumping and screaming and waving his arms like a mad man on the sideline, while his guys just stood in awe at what just happened, they would have had their the last shot Dan Wolken so badly wanted for them. That is, if Kentucky didn't drain the two freethrows that they would have been awarded on the foul to take a three point lead.

Or, ask Dan about the out of bounds call late in the second half, when one ref ruled Kentucky ball, then got his call reversed to give the ball back to Carolina, when it was clearly off the neck, head, shoulders, face and arms of the Carolina player as he tried to gain control of the ball. When, the call was reversed and the ball given back to Carolina, it led to a Harrison Barnes three cutting Kentucky's lead to 2, and taking away any momentum Kentucky had gained. No, you won't hear someone like Dan Wolken getting upset over a bad call against Kentucky.

But, with the absurdities of the likes of Dan Wolken aside, this was a great game, played between two great teams, loaded with great players. And that, is what college basketball fans love to see.