Thursday, April 7, 2011

Anthony Davis takes top spot

2011 6'10 forward Anthony Davis claims the top spot in the new ESPNU rankings, overtaking future Dookie Austin Rivers. Now this doesn't come as a surprise to Wildcat fans as we have known for sometime that Davis is the best recruit in the class of 2011, it just took Davis' good showing in the Micky D's game to solidify it.

With a class of Anthony Davis(ESPNU #1), Michael Gilchrist(ESPNU #3), Marquis Teague(ESPNU #7), and Kyle Wiltjer(ESPNU #18) that gives Kentucky four players in the top 20, and three in the top ten. Not to mention they got the #1 point guard in Teague, the #1 power forward in Davis, the #1 small forward in Gilchrist, and the #5 power forward in Wiltjer.

If that don't get you excited about the possibilities next season, nothing will. If Kentucky can somehow get Knight to stay(highly unlikely) for another season, and if Lamb sticks around for another year(very likely), you could be looking at one of the best teams in the past 20-25 years in college basketball.

Midnight Madness can't get here soon enough!!!

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