Sunday, April 5, 2015

Some Quick Thoughts On Kentucky's Loss To Wisconsin

Usually, after a tough loss, I have to take a day or two to get my thoughts together before I even attempt write about it and last night was no different.

Last nights loss to Wisconsin was a tough one to take, one of the toughest in the last 20 years to be honest. After starting the season an astonishing 38-0 it almost felt like it was destiny for this Kentucky team to win the school's ninth NCAA Championship and when they fell short, it hurt and hurt bad. But, you cannot judge this team or it's accomplishments by not winning a championship. What these kids accomplished on the court was historical and should be remembered as such. All the great teams that Kentucky has had over the years and all the great teams over the years nation wide has NEVER started a season 38-0, so yeah, it was beyond special to say the least. 

I've heard the argument that since Kentucky didn't have a hard non-conference schedule and the SEC was so weak this year that that is what led to the loss to Wisconsin, well, I'm going to say that is the dumbest and most uneducated argument that I have ever heard in my life. The Cats played and DESTROYED Kansas, UCLA, Providence, Buffalo, North Carolina, Louisville and Texas in their non-conference schedule and guess what... those were ALL tournament teams in this years dance. Then when you consider that Kentucky played and beat (some more than once) Arkansas, Ole Miss, Georgia and LSU who also was among this years tournament field, that argument becomes more laughable. That's eleven teams that was in this years tournament, so to say that they played a weak schedule is ignorant and is an argument that people who didn't want to see Kentucky win will say. So, just overlook those poor people because they don't have enough knowledge on the subject to hold an intelligent conversation and only want to try to tarnish what this team accomplished this season. Don't feed them.

Once the pain of this loss leaves and it will take a while, we can look back and really appreciate the things this team did.  This team was special and will be ranked among the greatest teams of all-time as well they should be.

I wanna say congratulations to Wisconsin. They played a helluva game and to say that the refs cost us the game is just as dumb of an argument as saying that Kentucky didn't play a competitive schedule. Was there questionable calls last night? Sure, there always is in a basketball game, the refs can't catch everything. I know about the clear shot-clock violation that was missed that led to two points for the Badgers, but that didn't cost Kentucky the game. What did cost them the game however was their lack of rebounding the ball. When you give up 12 offensive rebounds and get pounded on the glass 34-22, you will more than likely lose the game. But, I will tell you this as well. If Kentucky and Wisconsin played a 10 game series, Kentucky would win 7 of the 10. That's not bitterness, just sheer facts, but that's the beauty of the NCAA Tournament, you only have to be better than the other team on one night.

In the end, Wisconsin was clearly the better team last night and I have no problem whatsoever admitting that. It was an excellent Final Four game with an ending that I'd rather forget, but still great none-the-less. So, in closing, I'd like to wish the Badgers the best of luck Monday night and I'd love nothing more than to see them beat Duke by 30...

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