Saturday, March 7, 2015

Jim Boeheim Skips Post-Game Presser; Real Classy, Jimmy

After losing to NC State 71-57, Jim Boeheim skipped his post game press conference and let an assistant have the responsibility of answering questions. Why would he do this you ask, because there was NO WAY Big Jim was going to set behind a mic and face the press after the NCAA announced their findings and punishment last night. It's was a coward move by Boeheim and a classless one at that.

The next time I hear anyone say the classy and Jim Boeheim together I'm gonna refer them to this piss poor press release put out by Boeheim after the game...

Way to take responsibility for your actions, Jim. Also, it's pretty funny how he wants to make sure that the attention isn't taken away from his players and what all they've accomplished during their time at Syracuse. Well, Jim, you sir have already taken the attention away from them with what the NCAA was forced to do to your program. You could've made the situation just a little bit better by being a man and showing up at you post-game presser and facing the questions that you left for your assistant to tackle. Hall of Fame Coach? Really?

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