Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ryan Harrow to transfer to Georgia State

It is being reported (not by the University of Kentucky; yet) that Kentucky starting point guard Ryan Harrow will transfer to Georgia State. Ryan's time in Lexington was spent sitting out his first year because of a transfer and starting this season as the point guard for John Calipari.

Ryan missed two weeks this season to return home to deal with a "family matter" and after fans speculated that he wasn't sure about his role on the team was the reason for his absence, it turns out it was to deal with an illness his father had suffered.

Ryan struggled for much of the season to become the player John Calipari expected him to be. Despite flashes of him becoming that player, Ryan never really fit into the system that Calipari runs. Ryan has talent, I just think he was overwhelmed with all the pressure and attention that comes with playing at the University of Kentucky.

We here at Big Blue Corner wish Ryan well with his pursuit of playing college basketball and we also wish Ryan's father a speedy recovery.

I'll pass along the media release as soon as the media department at Kentucky sends it out.

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