Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Garth Brooks and Calipari to Hold Basketball Camp in Lexington

If you're breathing, then you know who Garth Brooks is. He is arguably the most successful country music artist over the last twenty years and is in the top five ALL TIME country music artists without question.

Garth has four concerts in Lexington at Rupp Arena two on Oct. 31 and two Nov. 1, but he's not stopping there. Garth has a charity organization called "Teammates for Kids" and they will be hosting a basketball camp for 100 youths in Lexington on November 1. Of course Garth needed someone to head-up the camp so who did Mr. Brooks call upon? That's right, John Calipari. Cal will be the camp leader and Garth will also visit the campers as well.

To be fair, his charity is doing this in every city that his tour has a stop in, but it's still a pretty cool event. Just another reason to like the guy....

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