Thursday, March 13, 2014

Cats Will Face LSU Tomorrow Night

Tomorrow night, Kentucky will face either LSU or Alabama and with 7:59 left to go in their game it looks like it will be LSU as they unfortunately lead the tide by a score of 55-47.  Now, I'm not saying that Alabama would be a guaranteed win, but I would much rather face them than I would LSU for the third time this season. If you're a Kentucky fan, then I don't have to tell you anything about LSU or Kentucky's struggles they've had against them and Johnny O'Bryant. LSU was one last second shot away in Rupp Arena from a regular season sweep of the Cats, something that doesn't happen too often.

Going into tomorrow nights game, the theme around this team for the post-season in "Tweak". John Calipari said on his weekly radio show this past Monday night that he tweaked the offense because of something that popped into his head this past Sunday while he was relaxing at home. According to him, the "tweak" has made all the difference in the world and may be just what the team needs to make a serious post season run. Is the "tweak" true, or is it something that John is using to try and motivate his team and turn the media's attention away from the disappointing season the Cats have had thus far? The safe bet is that Cal has made a very small change in the offense that gave his team a little bit of confidence going into the SEC and NCAA Tournament. Good coaches use such tactics to get all they can out of their team at the right time. One thing is for sure, if you listened to or read the players interviews before they left for CATlanta, they certainly seem to believe in this "tweak" and seem pretty confident (more confident than they have sounded the last month or so) in what it's going to help them accomplish over the next couple of weeks. Let's hope it works as LSU now leads Bama by a score of 67-50 with 3:04 left to go in the game.

Tomorrow night starts a whole new season. What has happened up until this point doesn't mean a damn thing. When the ball is tipped tomorrow night, this team has a chance to change everyone's opinion of them and to get rid of the bad taste this season has left in the mouths of fans and themselves. They have the chance to show what they are really capable of doing, the question is will they take advantage of the opportunity?


It will be the CATS vs. LSU tomorrow night at 7pm.


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