Thursday, November 14, 2013

Calipari: "We didn't schedule Robert Morris for revenge"

If you're a Kentucky fan and you must be otherwise you wouldn't be reading this, you remember this game more vividly than you care to. Robert Morris upsets Kentucky in the first round of the 2013 NIT, something Kentucky fans had to hear about for what seemed like a lifetime. If Cat fans got tired of hearing about it, you know John Calipari did as well.

Today, Cal took to Facebook/Twitter to talk about this weekends rematch with Robert Morris…

"I hope everyone knows we didn't schedule Robert Morris for revenge. I wanted them on the schedule because I know how hard they play. They execute as well as anyone and are going to give us a dogfight, which is what our team needs."

Now, I understand coach speak, it's the typical "Boyd County High School will give us fits. They have all five starters back this year, so we'll be in for a battle if we're not prepared." It's something ALL coaches have to say when facing a far-more inferior opponent. Sure, last year Robert Morris was nowhere close to being inferior, obviously. However, you are not going to convince me that Cal actually believes that this "execute as well as anyone". Do they execute as well as say, Michigan State who Kentucky nearly defeated after battling back from a once 15 point deficit? I think not and Calipari knows better as well.

He may be telling the truth, maybe he didn't schedule Robert Morris because he's looking for revenge, but I can tell who is looking for it, Kentucky fans. 

See you on Sunday Mr. Robert Morris…..

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