Saturday, October 19, 2013

Calipari Talks About His Players Returning For NBA Pre-Season Game In Rupp

John Calipari talked a little bit today about his former players which he lovingly refers to as "sons" that will play an NBA pre-season game tonight in Rupp Arena.

"It's always great to have my "sons" come back home. And to have the opportunity to see them living out their dreams makes it even more special. 

Anthony (Davis) has matured so much physically and mentally even after just one season in New Orleans. They're a young team so they'll have an opportunity to grow together. 

John (Wall) has shown what he's capable of, closing out last season strong. And now he's got a max deal, but he's shown how special he is off the floor by donating $1 million to charity. 

Darius (Miller) is hurt right now but I think when he comes back he will add versatility to the Pelicans on both ends of the floor and add to a great rookie season. "

Again, I'm ending this post with a quote from Cal's speech last night, the same quote I ended last nights post with....

"At Kentucky we don't just play college basketball, we ARE college basketball"

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