Saturday, May 4, 2013

Rick Pitino has had one heck of a year

There isn't many people who can say they've had the kind of year that Rick Pitino has enjoyed this year. First, he coached the University of Louisville to their first ever regular season #1 ranking, got inducted to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame and then to the dismay and horror of Kentucky fans, he led Louisville to their first NCAA Championship since 1986 and Rick's first since winning it all at Kentucky in 1996. One would think that is one helluva run, but it doesn't appear Ricky is done just yet.

At the 139th running of the historical Kentucky Derby, Rick Pitino has a chance to add another award to his mantel when his horse Goldencents will get a chance to lead Rick to the winners circle later this afternoon. At the time of this posting, Goldencents had odds of 6-1 at winning the Derby, not too shabby.

With all that said and credit given where credit is due, enough is enough. How much can Kentucky fans handle when it comes to seeing Rick Pitino be successful. Louisville fans are under the impression that Kentucky fans despise Louisville and pray for their failure when in reality its your coach not your team we root against. Yes it's true that Kentucky and Louisville have a very heated rivalry, but things went to whole other level when the Cards hired the former Kentucky Head Coach. It instantly went from rooting against the Cards to rooting against Rick and Louisville fans need to understand that. Before the hiring of Pitino, the Cards and their fans were what one might call just a nuisance, but now things are personal. However, when little Rick rides off into the sunset on the back of Goldencents and a new head man is hired at UofL, they will go back to being the nuisance  they have been for years.

Where I'm from there's a saying about people who are on a hot streak "the sun will shine on a dogs ass every now and then", but in this instance the "dogs ass" must have one heck of a sunburn by now.

However, there is an upside to all this mayhem. You can always keep in mind that Rick Pitino will forever be branded with this....

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