Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The many faces of John Calipari, picture post

Kentucky fans know how stressful a basketball season can be, but I think the faces of John Calipari says it all......  ENJOY

First game of the year, it has to be                                                                

How many times have you had this feeling this season?

or this one?

been there

Well hell, there's the boys

Cal thought he was the "Y" at halftime

There's not a lot to say here

um, ok.....

We can't explain it either Cal...

I'm noticing a pattern here...

Gotta have a little down time...

The result of whatever Cal was eating in the pic above...

I'm at a loss on this one...

Who knew Cal was a 'Teen Wolf' fan?

Just a little something to breakup a slow news day in Kentucky Basketball... See y'all tomorrow night

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