Wednesday, March 20, 2013

It was always Kentucky for Julius Randle

Despite what fans of other schools and some so called "experts" say, Julius Randle has been a  Kentucky lean for quite sometime now. Jason Jordan of USA Today went on record back in September saying Randle would eventually be a Wildcat and never once wavered on his prediction.

Julius also knew for a while that he would sign with Kentucky according to what he told, "It's where my heart was all along. I really tried to give other schools a chance on visits, but I thought all along that's really where I would be at in the end. I just never felt right saying I could go somewhere else. I just felt that overall my heart was with Kentucky and that their system fit me the best."

That doesn't sound like someone who changed their mind at the last minute, something that has been suggested to have happened today.  If you have paid the least little attention to anything to do with Julius and his recruitment you would've known that Kentucky was always going to be where he would eventually land and rightfully so. 

With the addition of Julius Randle, this gives Kentucky the best recruiting class ever signed in college basketball history. They now have the #1 PG (Andrew Harrsion), #1 SG (Aaron Harrison),  #1 C (Dakari Johnson) and now the #1 PF (Julius Randle). When you couple that with the fact that Calipari has also signed the #3 SF (James Young), #9 PF (Marcus Lee) and the #41 PF (Derek Willis) that gives you the best recruiting class of all-time, at least on paper. Then you add in the fact that a lot of this years team will be returning, then things begin to get ridiculous.

Sure this season was somewhat of a disappointment, but how quickly that can be erased by the stroke of a pen from one of the nations best. Welcome to the family Mr. Randle, now lets get #9.

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