Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Derek Anderson: "You aren't given Titles, we EARN THEM"

Former Kentucky great, NCAA and NBA Champion Derek Anderson took to Twitter after the Cats fell to Robert Morris in the first round of the NIT. I like what he had to say...

@DerekLAnderson:  BBN: Me & ALL the ex-cats meet me in Lexington bc we are going to  practice & help our little brothers put up banner #9 #4GetTheHaters WeRUK4Life

@DerekLAnderson: And I'm coming this weekend so get some rest youngsters! The Journey to success is EVERYDAY from Now on. U aren't given Titles we EARN THEM!!

@DerekLAnderson: Mash, Rex, & Skywalker did it for us & we owe them the same Support. I won't sit by & watch ppl THINK they better than us WeRChamps-Period!!

Mr. Anderson, I'm sure you guys have the Big Blue Nations and possibly the coaching staffs blessing to show these guys what it takes to hang a banner

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