Friday, June 19, 2015

LSU Freshman, Ben Simmons Wants to Beat Kentucky... BAD

Ben Simmons, who has got to be the highest ranked basketball recruit that LSU has seen in the last 50 years is already running his mouth about the up-coming basketball season..... or at least his brother is.

As reported by, Simmons' brother, Liam says that Ben would "love nothing more than to go into Kentucky and beat them ... rather than go to Kentucky and win a Championship because that's expected."

I'll take that as a challenge, a compliment and a sign as that he couldn't hang in the Bluegrass... Also BRING IT SON....

Also... I should I add that he said this...

I don’t see why we can’t be the best team in the SEC,” Simmons said. “Kentucky has good players but we have good players, too. It depends what leaders you have, who can lead. Me going to LSU is huge because I have to be a freshman and lead. I could have gone to Kentucky and been one of the other guys just playing there and trying to leave.
“For me, though, I want to leave a legacy — and that’s at LSU.

Again... BRING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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