Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Cats OUTLAST Georgia 72-64

SON OF A.......... So far this season,  I have not been worried about a single game until tonight and a lot of that has to do with Josh Hopkins' comments on Matt Jones' Kentucky Sports Radio show saying that he was nervous about this being a trap game. As it turns out, it was close to being a trap game....

In the first half, Kentucky looked as bad as they had all season long on both offense and defense. It was beyond frustrating to say the least. The reason being, you and everyone else (even if they won't admit it) thought that this WAS the game that Kentucky was going to lose...... Thanks a lot Josh Hopkins... No matter what the Cats did, Georgia and the white guy who happened to hit every single shot he put up had an answer, even when it came to the last second shot to end the first half that basically bounced off the shot clock and went in by said white guy.

The second half started with Aaron Harrison scoring seven straight points only to see UGA stretch their lead to as much as nine. No matter what Kentucky did, it seemed to be written in the stars for the Cats to lose this game. I actually started to believe that this was THE game that was going to end the dream of 40-0. But, came the last five minutes. I won't ruin it for those poor folks who work midnights, but it ends AWESOME...

I won't have anymore updates until tomorrow afternoon, so, enjoy the game and the fact that the Cats move on to 30-0... I'm sorry, I couldn't keep that to myself.

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