Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Cats Thump Bulldogs 74-56

This game had many levels of emotion for Kentucky fans. In the first half, when Kentucky built a 14 point lead, it was happiness because you were thinking that the Cats were going to destroy an inferior opponent the way they should. Then came the second half which saw Kentucky's lead shrink from 14 down to 2 in a hurry. Now all of a sudden you were filling disappointment and sheer anger to be honest. Then came the final thirteen minutes of the game which saw Kentucky dominate the Bulldogs the way they should have the entire game and all of a sudden, a four point lead turns into a twenty point lead in the blink of an eye and all is right with the world once again.

The reason for the comeback by the Bulldogs is because Kentucky just completely quit playing defense and started settling for outside shots which made no sense at all when you consider that Kentucky's first eight points came inside the paint. It's almost like this team likes to toy with opponents before they show their killer instinct and puts other teams away for good.

You can't talk about this game without talking about the play of Trey Lyles. If there was ever any lingering effects of his bout with strep-throat, they are gone as he set a new career high tonight with eighteen points to go along with six rebounds. To be honest, he made the eighteen points look fairly easy, especially in the first half when he done whatever he wanted to do around the basket at anytime against anyone. This is the version of Trey that Kentucky will need to see from now on if they hope to keep the 40-0 dream alive.

All in all, this was an odd game to watch, but entertaining none the less. Kentucky improves it's history making record to 28-0 and will begin to prepare for Arkansas at Rupp this weekend. 

The Cats will be getting home later than usual from a road game due to inclement weather in Mississippi. Instead of flying home tonight, they will stay in Starkville and fly home tomorrow afternoon after having practice at the Hump to start to prepare for the Razorbacks.

More to come throughout the night...

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