Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Cats SURVIVE Bulldogs 69-58

If you only watched the first half, then you saw a pretty good ball game. But, if you had to endure the second half, you have to wonder how Kentucky pulled this one out.

Just look at the stats. The Cats got murdered on the boards 36-24, something that should NEVER happen to this team with the size they posses on the court. Kentucky gave up nine offensive boards to their five, again, something that should NEVER happen to a team with this size. That is just simply lack of effort; no other way to put it.

Andrew Harrison had his best game of the season scoring a game high 23 points and Kentucky needed every single one of them. This was the best that Andrew has played all season long and it's a good thing he did. On the flip side, Aaron Harrison had the worst game of his career scoring only 1 point on a free-throw, something that simply cannot happen against a good team or you can expect a loss. If this type of performance happens in Gainsville or Baton Rouge, that spells a loss, no questions. The scary part of tonight's game is, Kentucky only won by 11 while Georgia was missing 3 of their top 8 players due to injury, what would've happened had they been healthy?

If this Kentucky team ever puts together two halves like the first half they had tonight, they would destroy ANYBODY in the country. However, put two halves like they had tonight and they could lose to anybody in the country.

With all that said, Kentucky improves it's record to 21-0 which is the second best start in school history. Be glad they got the win and hope they preform better next time...

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