Saturday, January 31, 2015

Cats Beat Tide 70-55, Now The Only UNBEATEN Team In College Basketball

With Virginia losing to Duke tonight, Kentucky is now the only remaining unbeaten team in college basketball with a record of 21-0 with tonight's win over Alabama.

Tonight, Kentucky had their best game of the season, at least offensively shooting 59% from the floor which is their best percentage of the year.

Kentucky's bigs was the story of tonight's game. Finally, the Cats got the production out of the post that you would expect. Just look at the points from the post players Karl Towns Jr. 12 pts, Cauley-Stein 12 pts, Lee 8 pts and Johnson 6 pts. That's the type of production that any team in the country will have a hard time overcoming. 

Devin Booker... What can you say about Devin Booker that everyone doesn't already know.  This kid is one of the best shooters Kentucky has had in a very long time and to be honest, it's a breath of fresh air to have a guy who when the ball leaves their hand's, you just know it's going in. As happy as I am Booker is shooting the way he is, it saddens me at the same time because you know his time in Lexington is getting more and more limited with every three he drains.

Also, tonight was the return of Willie Cauley-Stein. It was great to see the big man performing the way everyone knows he can. Just watching him guard all five positions and being seven-feet tall is beyond impressive. Once again, I'm more than happy to see Willie performing at this level, but it makes me sad as well because you just know that this is more than likely his last year in Lexington.

At the end of the night, the Cats looked as good if not better than they have all year long offensively. Now that Kentucky is the last unbeaten team in college basketball, the pressure is on. I just hope the players don't feel it as well.

More to come throughout the night...

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