Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Pitino Responds to Chris Jones' Flop Against Kentucky... Sorta

You don't even have to be a Kentucky or Louisville fan to know what the picture above is. Yes, that's right, it's the picture of the infamous "flop" by UofL's Chris Jones. It was probably the worst flop I have ever seen in my entire life and I have watched a lot of college basketball games some of them involving Duke who are the worlds worst for such acts, but not as bad as this one. Hell, this one had Coach K and even little Stevie Wojo blushing.

The entire sports world made fun of the play and Jones for that matter. Now, it seems that Rick Pitino didn't care much for the cowardly move made by Mr. Jones either. Tuesday, Louisville took on Long Beach State and Rick made the decision to bench Jones. Afterwards, Pitino told the Courier Journal "I was very upset at that (talking about the flop). We don't do that type of thing, and then to fake with the jaw like you got hit, you can't fake like you got hit. You can't fake it. That's something Louisville guy's don't do."

Okay, first of all, I love how Rick acts like his guys are above pulling such stunts when we have seen moves like that a million times, just not as obvious, embarrassing or blatant. Now, let's get back to the quotes...

Jones himself even addressed the situation as well by saying "I tried to time his elbows. He swung twice. I thought he was gonna swing a third time, but obviously he didn't. I tried to dodge it, but he didn't swing, so it made it look worse than it was."

I find it funny that Jones admits to the fact that he was looking for the third elbow so he could in-fact FLOP to try and draw a foul. Then when you add in the fact that he basically blamed the flop heard round the world on the lack of an elbow by Dakari Johnson for making it look worse than what it really was is beyond hilarious. Chris, I hate to tell you, but what made it look worse than it actually was is the fact that you walked around and rubbed the phantom pain out of your jaw for 20 minutes, something your own coach even complained about.

Jones went on to say "It's just something that I'm not gonna do anymore. I'm just gonna play straight-up defense. You've got to do what you got to do, and if you get bowed you get bowed, I'm just gonna have to take it."

Okay, first let me start by saying that it's good to see Chris try and turnover a new leaf, but I doubt that happens. If you do some research, he became a flopping professional in junior college and it was something that he was known for, so old habits die hard. Second, for Pitino to come out and bench Jones for a portion of the Long Beach State game is a joke. Do you really think that he would've done the same thing had the foul been called on Dakari? Of course not. He had to do something just for the simple fact that it made every major sports outlet in America and made Rick, Chris Jones and Louisville as a whole look like a complete joke, so he had virtually no choice but to dish out some sort of punishment no matter how lame the punishment was. 

It's just sad to think that Louisville has sunk to this level, especially when you consider the fact that they actually play really good defense WITHOUT cheap plays like the "flop".

Tyler Ulis has to be thinking.... Bitch, please....... 

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