Saturday, December 20, 2014

Kentucky DOMINATES UCLA 83-42 (Twitter Version)

Well, that was just dumb. Never in a million years did I think that Kentucky would beat UCLA by 41 points. This was the most dominating performance by a college basketball team that I can remember. When you go to halftime with a 41-7 lead over a team with a name like UCLA, that's impressive I don't care who you are. There's not a whole lot that I can say about this game, so lets just see how Twitter reacted during the game...

                                                                          FIRST HALF:

Skylar Diggins:  Mercy.

Jeff Goodman:  I honestly feel bad for Bryce Alford. Looks beyond tired and still 32-plus minutes left.

Matt Jones:  Did you wonder what UK would look like if they were hitting on all cylinders? I give you this game.

Pat Forde:  Kentucky 26, ucla 2. Can we please get a live mic to Bill Walton ASAP?

Matt Jones:  Nice RT @RealMikeWilbon: Kentucky...My God....35 yrs of being at college basketball games and don't recall seeing anything quite like this

Stephen A. Smith:  What in God's name is going on! Is this real? With 4:41 left in the 1 st Half Kentucky is up 34-6 on UCLA? Why even bother playing the season

Nazr Mohammed:  Enjoying my #Wildcats at the unitedcenter 28-2 us!!! Vs #UCLA. #BBN #GoBigBlue #WeAreUK...

Jeff Goodman:  Kentucky 41, UCLA 7 at the half. That's not a misprint. INSANE performance by the Cats.

Seth Davis:  Kentucky. Sharpie.

Matt Jones:  Lowest scoring half in UCLA history....previous record was 14

Darius Miller:  Please stop the game brush. Please. They don't deserve this RT @AlexTheGreat22 This is bad.

                                                              SECOND HALF:


@VaughtsViews:  Here we go and Lee opens second half with dunk

@johnclayiv:  UCLA averaged 0.206 points per possession in the first half.

@johnclayiv:  Camp Cal is usually when Cal's teams really improve. Opposing coaches may mandate it not be held this year.

@uksportsifno:  Text 91991 to the UCLA relief fund. This is a major disaster.

@GregAnthony50: Not sure I've seen a team as good as @KentuckyMBB defensively...Unreal! #BBN

@ericcrawford:  Pretty sure Alford top his guys: "Just get us to 40 and we'll go home and enjoy Christmas."

@BDawsonRivals:  Cauley-Stein just hit the deck chasing a loose ball. At the time, Kentucky led by 43.

@BDawsonRivals:  Rockets GM RT @dmorey: One nice thing when U R watching Kentucky, U get 2see how players on the other team would do against an NBA team

@GeorgeDaAnimal:  @RealJayWilliams Kentucky vs UCLA is like Drago vs. Creed in Rocky 4. "Throw in the towel."

@ericcrawford:  #UK's guards 42, UCLA 35.

@KentuckyMBB:  Of the Cats' 29 made field goals, 22 have been assisted.

@CecilHurt:  Nick Saban on the Kentucky-UCLA halftime score: "you're kidding."

@GoodmanESPN:  Kentucky now 12-25 form beyond arc. Booker 5-of-6. NO ONE is beating them if they shoot like this.

@GoodmanESPN:  Even the UCLA cheerleaders look tired.

@UCLA_Nation:  Please stop @KentuckyMBB

@CoachCalDotCom:  For the first time in program history, Kentucky opens a season with 12 straight double-digit victories.

@DickieV:  KENTUCKY 239 vs Kansas-North Carolina- UCLA 152= TOTAL DOMINANCE #OUCH

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