Sunday, December 7, 2014

Cats Pound Eastern Kentucky 82-49

Kentucky defeats what will probably be another NCAA Tournament team in EKU by 33. Of course Eastern was out manned down low, but Kentucky's inability to hit the outside shot left a lot to be desired. Don't bash me as it's my job to find something to gripe about and for this post, it's going to be outside shooting, turnovers and giving up offensive rebounds.

Yes Kentucky won and yes the three point streak is still alive, but come on. The fact that for two games straight, Kentucky has struggled to hit an outside shot is alarming to say the least. If it keeps up at this pace, not only will the three point streak end this season, but Kentucky will find themselves facing a lot more zone defense, something that they have proven to struggle with so far this season. When they face off with an actual decent team and they are struggling from the outside, the zone will spell defeat if they can't knock down the three point shot with a little consistency.

Now, on to rebounding. Yes, the Cats dominated the boards overall (48-28), the fact that they gave up 14 offensive rebounds to a team who didn't have a player over 6'8" is concerning, especially when you take into consideration, the Cats only managed to grab 10 of their own. The same thing happened against, Texas. But, I was taking into consideration how big the Longhorns were down low, tonight, there was no excuse for the amount of offensive rebounds they gave up when you consider the size advantage Kentucky had over the Colonels.

They lone bright spot, at least my eyes, was once again the play of Willie Cauley-Stein. Just watching this kid run up and down the floor is a thing of beauty. A seven footer should not be able to do and accomplish the things that he does on the basketball court. Every single game, all he does is make himself more and more money come to this years draft. Which ever team is luck enough to draft him, will see an immediate impact from the big man.

In the end, all that matters is Kentucky got the win, but, they showed that they still have a lot to learn on both ends of the floor. But, if this team ever figures out how to put everything together, I'm not sure if they can be beat....

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