Thursday, November 13, 2014

Kentucky vs. Grand Canyon Pre-View

The exhibition season is over, now it's time get down to business and start kicking' some ass. First up this season are the Antelopes of Grand Canyon University. If you're like me, you know nothing at all about Grand Canyon except for the fact that their head coach is none other than "Thunder" Dan Majerle. If you're my age (34) or at least close to my age, you know exactly who "Thunder Dan" is, he was one of the coolest NBA Players during my time with one of the greatest nicknames of all time in the NBA...

so he really needs no introduction. Instead, lets get started with the rundown of Grand Canyon University...

                                                       SCHOOL HISTORY:

EST:  1949


LOCATION:  Phoenix, AZ

COLORS:  Purple/Black/White


MASCOT: Thunder the Antelope

CONFERENCE:  Western Atlantic Conference (WAC)

In their first season as a division 1 team, the Lopes finished last season with a 15-15 record ending their season with a loss to Pacific in the first round of the CIT Tournament by a score of 69-67. 

Grand Canyon comes into Rupp tomorrow night looking to pull off what would be the biggest shock in college basketball in the last 50 years. Their chances of doing so are beyond slim to none, but they stand a better chance than either Pikeville or Georgetown simply because they have some size in the middle. They have a couple guys at 6'11" who will try to go  toe-to-toe with Cauley-Stein, Karl Towns, Dakari Johnson and Trey Lyels, not the easiest task for anyone to be honest.

Here's look at Gand Canyon's roster to give you and idea of what Kentucky will face tomorrow night...

This should be a fun, entertaining game to watch. It's just nice to finally get the season started.

This is the part where I usually do a series history, but this will be the first time these two teams have played each other. Instead, I'll leave you with this.

Sure the Lopes may have a little size on the inside, but they will have to deal with Willie and his shot blocking ability, something that's never easy...

(Photo Credit: bigblueMEMEaratia on Facebook)

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