Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Kentucky downs Bama 55-48; TWITTER VERSION

Pretty win? NO, but it was a win this team desperately needed to avoid complete collapse of this season.

I'm not going to bore you with my thoughts on the game, because if you watched the same game that I did, then you have the same opinion as I do. Instead what I'm going to do is let some of the things I seen on Twitter tell the story of the game...

It's up to you to decided at what point of the game these "Tweets" were posted. HINT "I'm going in order of which they were posted"

Adam Zagoria: Brad Nessler on the other UK guys: "If they think they're ready for the NBA, They're kidding themselves."

Vaughtsviews: "UK players talked about writing a great story, but so far same ole story tonight"

Eric Crawford: "Ploson and Hood still have #UK's only field goals, 9 minutes in."

Aaron Smith: "Jon Hood and Jarrod Polson: 2-for-4 shooting. Rest of team: 0-for-7:

Matt Jones: "I am not sure which is more baffling right now... UK's play or James Young's hair"

Kyler Tucker: Kentucky now 42 of 139 in it's last 93.5 minutes of basketball. That's 30.2 percent.

Kyle Tucker: "Yeesh. Aaron Harrison gets a good look at a corner three before shot clock expires... off the side of the backboard. WCS bricks a dunk."

Vaughtsviews: "Finally Randle finishes in contact to end another almost 4 minutes with no FG of UK. Now 20-20 at 4:48"

Kyle Tucker: "Rupp Arena goes wild as Randle finally gets a short-range shot to (just) fall, plea the foul. It's 20-all now."

Tyler Smith: "That foul call on Andrew Harrison is exactly what Calipari is sick and tired of..."

Brett Dawson:  "Bad pass from Andrew Harrison. Loose ball. Harrison way too nonchalant in the pursuit."

uksportsinfo: "Glad to see the guys hugged up in a huddle. Now start smiling boys and enjoy it!"

Thomas Beisner: "Jon Hood just told Cal something and he pulled the Harrisons aside to talk to them."

Brett Dawson: "I know Calipari wants to say the book on Kentucky is to be physical. But it's also to be fast. Cats still don't get back in transition."

Ben Roberts: "No UK player has made more than one  field goal, and there's less than 2 minutes left in first half. That's gotta be rare."

Vaughtsviews: "Really a dejected looking UK going off the court trailing 28-25 to Alabama. who would have thought it?"

Jeff Goodman: "Alabama 28, Kentucky 25 at halftime. Still shocked that the Cats have not responded with any senses of urgency."

Vaughtsviews: "Kentucky needs a win tonight to clinch second seed in SEC tourney- and struggling to get it."

Jerry Meyer: "My big lesson is Harrison's played in an AAU system where they just took turns playing one on one & there was no defensive accountability."

Matt Jones: "Just an awful half... I am not sure what, if anything, can work at this point."

Aaron Kall: "Alabama freshman Shannon Hale has more points at halftime than any UK player"

Vaughtsviews: "Kentuckys is 6-25 tonight from field. Has missed 146 of last 220 shots in last four games."

Adam Zagoria: " 'They will be a 1st-round knockout in the NCAA Tournament waiting to happen' @JimmyDykesLive on Kentucky"

Kyle Tucker: "Cats' confidence suddenly back. Forced shot-clock violation, then Aaron Harrison three for the 35-32 lead."

Jeff Drummond: "A little bit of life in Rupp... Crowd trying to will the Cats in front"

Vaughtsviews: "Finally little life in Cats on both ends with steals, Randle finishes. Tied 32-32 at 17:03"

Eric Crawford: "After forcing just two turnovers for two points in the fist half, UK has forced 5 already in the second, for 10 points"

Vaughtsviews: "After trailing 32-28, UK on 15-2 run to take 43-34 lead."

Kyle Tucker: "Dakari Johnson slam, Young steal and 1 of 2 ft, Johnson offensive board and slam. Rupp roaring, Cats up 43-34."

Vaughtsviews: "Wow. Andrew Harrison went after that loose ball like linebacker. Just gave body into pile. Way it should be."

Brett Dawson: "Also: Andrew Harrison went all-out for that loose ball. Funny how a young team's energy changes when a few shots drop"

Vaughtsviews: "Just when it looks like UK is going to take control, 6-0 Bama run cuts to 45-42 at 7:39:

Vaughtsviews: "Most emotion I can remember on the UK bench from so many players tonight"

Actor Steve Steve Zahn ( one of my favorites by the way "Saving Silverman" ) was the "Y" tonight during timeout....

Jeff Drummond: "Dakari Johnson with a strong move inside for a hoop & the harm. Pleading his teammates to get excited with him"

Rich Brooks: "Congrats to Coach Cal on the win over Bama. They will need more offense to go deep in the Tourney"

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