Friday, March 14, 2014


This was the most impressive win of the season for the Cats as they win 85-67 over LSU a team that had caused them some many problems throughout the season. LONG LIVE THE DAMN TWEAK!!!!

Let's get to tonight Twitter highlights...

                                                                 FIRST HALF:

@DanWolken:  I'm guessing the Calipari tweak was not allowing LSU to shoot two WIDE OPEN threes to start the game. 6-0, LSU. Calipari timeout.

@BDawsonRivals:  Timeout Calipari, to tweak this perimeter defense. LSU up 6-0 on two threes for Shavon Coleman.

@johnclayiv:  Coleman picks up where he left off last night. He drills 2 three-pointers. Calipari calls time out 1:01 into game.

@vaughtsviews:  LSU leading 16-10 and 6-for-8 from field, 4-for5 3's. But like UK effort, energy. Just credit LSU shooting so far

@KySportsRadio:  UK's offense looks much better...their defense not so much

@MattMayKY:  Johnny O'Bryant, who is a very talented but often enigmatic player, suddenly becomes Karl Malone when he plays Kentucky.

@ericcrawford:  Whenever Johnny O'Bryant gets to the NBA, he needs to write a nice check to #UK basketball.

@BDawsonRivals:  And Kentucky takes the lead on an Andrew Harrison jumper. Aggressive D right now for Cats.

@KyleTucker_CJ:  Cauley-Stein ties it with a putback. Then blocks his second straight. Rupp Arena South is rocking.

@KySportsRadio: Willie turning up the it a lot

@DarrellBird:  Too funny. Cal getting ready to do his ESPN interview so he uses that to chew on Doug Shows about calls with reporter next to him as witness

@vaughtsvuews:  Randle out, both Payne and Antigua showing him about going strong inside. He really looks beat

@KyleTucker_CJ: In a span of 1:23, Cauley-Stein had three block, two rebounds (one offensive) and a put-back. Cats lead 26-22, 12-0 run.

@DarrellBird:  LSU starting to feel the wrath of Rupp Arena South. Place is nuts.

@JDrumUK:  Where did THAT come from? Steal, runout, assist, jam... Who are those guys?

@BDawsonRivals:  Fast breaks, jumpers, extra passes. What in the world?

@KySportsRadio:  I am enjoying this

@rexchapman:  Who is this team? #BBN

@rexchapman:  I love nothing more than when the bully gets punched in the mouff & doubts fill his head. LSU bullied us twice this yr. So far, not day.

@KyleTucker_CJ: It's remarkable how much better UK is running its offense. #uktweak worked, I reckon.

@BDawsonRivals:  LSU beat the buzzer on a putback for its first second-chance points of the half. Kentucky had 18.

                                                    SECOND HALF:

@GoodmanESPN:  Kentucky is playing with intensity and purpose. This is a fun team to watch when these guys play this way.

@DarrellBird:  Dang, my hair almost turned blonde after that Willie jam. Took off about Augusta.

@catfan270:  WCS just tweaked all over LSU. #BBN

@GreggDoyelCBS:  Willie Cauley-Stein is so good tonight, I'm kind of mad at him. Where has THIS been?

@JDrumUK:  Good to see the UK players look like they're having a blast playing basketball.

@DarrellBird:  First time tonight that Cal is really getting after a player. Mad at Andrew in that atrocious half court set.

@vaughtviews:  Calipari not happy with Andrew, so Polson checking into game after that Young charge.

@DarrellBird:  You can sense in Dome that UK getting a little stagnant. Emotion waning a bit. Still up 10, 50-40. Need a spurt.

@DanWolken:  All the sudden, LSU has this back to 51-45 after a layup, a steal and a 3. Calipari calls timeout with 14:07 left.

@ericcrawford:  Dropping the hammer still a problem for #UK. LSU picks it up, catches the Wildcats lazy for a steal and a quick 3, margin down to 51-45.

@vaughtsviews:  just when you wanted to believe, Cats make mistakes and now 51-45. LSU on 12-2 run

@rexchapman:  Ok, so now, THIS is where/when we find out abt this team. YOU KNOW/KNEW LSU (or any team) would come with a "run". How u respond defines u. 

@vaughtsviews:  Lead down to 52-47, Young turnover. Cats 12 of 25 at foul line to keep LSU in game.

@KyleTucker_CJ:  Kentucky melting down. Now 1 of 2 in last four trips to the line. Young misses layup in transition, Cats ravel, LSU dunk. It's 52-47.

@BDawsonRivals:  Welcome back, adversity. Another chance to see how Kentucky responds.

@johnclayiv:  Calipari screaming "Focus! Focus!" at his team.

@KyleTucker_CJ:  LSU ball, down 52-47, 11:58 to go. Cats haven't made a field goal in more than five minutes.

@ASmithRivals:  Calipari this week said he believed tweak changed mentality. But: "adversity is going to hit." Wanted team to come together. UK can now.

@MrsTylerKSR:  From tweaking to freaking.

@AaronsUKBBBlog:  UK not taking advantage of Johnny O'Bryant being out with 4 fouls

@vaughtsviews: Seems like UK is team pressing, falling apart now. Cal lot more tense too

KyleTucker_CJ:  Poythress after struggling coming up big when UK needs it. Skying for that offensive board, hit two FT, Cats up nine.

@johnclayiv:  Poythress just fouled out.

@CoachCalDotCom:  Key play was an Alex Poythress 3 that started a 7-0 run. Bad news for UK is Poythress just fouled out.

@JDrumUK:  Alex Poythress just fouled out on a play where LSU tackled him (literally) and another Tiger tripped on him on his way down. Tough way out.

@vaughtsviews:  Where has this Willie been. Maybe having @DickieV calling him a "teaser" has motivated him

@KyleTucker_CJ:  Holy goodness. Cauley-Stein outlet for Aaron Harrison layup, Cauley-Stein MONSTER block, Aaron three. It's 67-55 UK, 5:51 to go.

@vaughtsviews: Wow. Most emotion of year. Alex and Randle chest bumping at mid court

@ASmithRivals:  Julius Randle gives a flying chest-bump to BOTH centers. Dude's rightfully excited from the bench as UK continues to pour it on.

@NextCats:  That's 8 assists for Andrew Harrison. And that's the most he's ever had as a Wildcat.

@KyleTucker_CJ:  Rupp South ROCKING now. WCS monster slam, Aaron Harrison three. Players celebrating wildly, up 17 now, 3:58 to go. #Kentweaky

@GoodmanESPN:  Kentucky looking like a team that could do some damage in next couple of weeks. Cats up 76-59 over LSU with 4 minutes left.

@timecouchtv:  Must be the tweak. #bbn

@DarrellBird:  Seriously, 1st time all season I've seen the bench into a game so much. Cats rolling 76-59

@vaughtsviews:  Give UK credit. When adversity hit, they responded. Something they have not down all year.

@MrsTylerKSR:  ...I see a badass mother who don't take crap off of nobody!

@rexchapman:  Awfully happy 4 the kids on that UK sidelines. Looks like a lot of pent-up frustration & anger being let out in the form of PURE JOY. #Sweet

@SteveJones_CJ:  So I haven't watched the UK game but see they are up big. WTH was the tweak?

@KentuckyMBB:  Andrew Harrison's eight assists mark a career high.

@DarrellBird:  Cat fans at Georgia Dome. That rumble you hear to the north is from fellow fans starting their genies and heading toward Catlanta.

@YahooForde:  UK scores 85 and wins by 18. Consider it Tweaked.

@KyleTucker_CJ:  Cats are dancing and hopping off the court. That's one happy, relieved bunch.

That pretty much sums it up. Kentucky won this game the way they should have won the other two match-ups against the Tigers. The Cats will face either Georgia or Ole Miss tomorrow afternoon. I believe I would rather play Georgia as it seems that Mr. Marshall Henderson is shooting pretty well inside the Georgia Dome.


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