Thursday, February 27, 2014

Hogs SWEEP Cats with a 71-67 win in RUPP

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After such a promising win against LSU, one in which many thought was the turning point for this team, old habits showed up once again as Kentucky dropped one at home to Arkansas 71-67.  This marks the first time the Hogs have won in Rupp since the 1994 season and it also marks the first time that Kentucky has lost to the same team twice in SEC play since John Calipari arrived at Kentucky.

The box-score will indicate that this game was lost in overtime when in fact it was lost in the first half as the Cats allowed Arkansas to maintain a 10 point margin for much of the half. The second half saw Kentucky show a little bit of fight, just enough to force overtime. But, in the extra stanza we saw what this team is rapidly getting to be known for, lack of hustle and mental brake downs (offensive and defensive). 

The real reason the Cats lost this one can be summed up in two simple words, turnovers (18) and free-throws (12-22). With stats like that, you're not going to win any game I don't care who you're playing. Just to give a comparison, yes Arkansas had 20 turnovers, but they did shoot 100% from the charity-stripe (16-16) and that's what won them the game; very simple.


Arkansas had an RIP of 70 and losing to them at Rupp is more than devastating to the Cats' post season resume which only has one quality win in Louisville; something to think about... 

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