Tuesday, January 28, 2014


(Cal shoving Andrew Harrison in the right direction)

Well, that was just embarrassing for lack of a better word that doesn't contain four letters. When Coach Cal has to push a player (in the picture above) in the right direction, there is A LOT of problems.

If you are the type of Kentucky fan that wants a positive spin on a loss, this is where you should look for another site to read because we are going to give it to you straight, just like we always do.

There was absolutely NOTHING to like about this game instead, there was PLENTY to be concerned about going forward. When Dakari Johnson gives more effort than ANYONE (congrats to Dakari by the way, that was nice to see) on the team, then there is cause for panic. 

There was absolutely no hustle, heart, effort or energy shown from anyone not named Dakari. Then you add in the fact that the cameras caught Cal having to shove Andrew Harrison in the right direction during play and Willie Cauley-Stein mouthing off to Kenny Payne on the bench, then you finally begin to understand the problem with this team.

This performance is best summed up by some of the comments in garnered on Twitter....

Rich Brooks- Talent alone will not win. Cats need to become a better team and play with more passion. Hope coach Cal gets through to them.

Matt Jones - Getting beat by LSU is one thing... getting run off the court and dominated is another. Pitiful

Larry Vaught - That might have been as bad a defense as a team can play. Just no excuse for getting beat like that.

Hoops News - Kentucky it appears is a team full of guys that don't want to be coached. Something that has to change if the want to make a FF run.

Dan Wolken - Ok, now it's over. so the context: Everyone good has beat LSU... but UK. Everyone good has beaten Arkansas... but UK.

Matt Jones - Well at least Dakari cares

Kentucky Recruiting - Start Polson, Hawkins, Young, Willis and Johnson next game. Only guys that give a damn about playing. Make the most out of their minutes.

Matt Jones - Pretty terrible performance... season will be on the line Saturday at Missouri

I agree with EVERYTHING that was written by the folks above. This was beyond SAD...

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