Friday, November 8, 2013

UNC Asheville Players Comments After Tonights Game

UNC Asheville Student-Athletes

#33, DJ Cunningham, C

On what playing on the road teaches them about themselves … 
“This game definitely teaches us what we need to go home and work on for the upcoming season. We are playing against some great teams like Kentucky this season, but it also teaches us some great strengths as well. It shows we are truly an inside-out team and in our league, we will be one of the biggest teams. We have learned that we need to put the ball inside and kick it back out.”

On how he thought the team played overall … 
“We came out and started very well. We kind of had some mental lapses in the second half which allowed Kentucky to open the game up. We are young at the guard position, and we just will work with our younger teammates to teach them and help them grow and then we won’t have those mental lapses.”

On what he learned about this experience playing Kentucky in Rupp Arena … 
“I just wanted to come out and learn the things that I need to work on. But, today also showed me what I am doing well. It was a great experience to play inside Rupp Arena. We came here and the people at Kentucky were amazing. Everyone was always nice to us telling us ‘good luck’ and ‘have fun’ and it was a great experience for us.”

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