Saturday, November 23, 2013

Erin Calipari gives her thoughts on the "one and done" debate

Since the arrival of John Calipari in Lexington, Cat fans have seen a new style of recruiting that was unheard of before in the commonwealth, going after "One and Done" type players. Whether they like this style of recruiting or they don't, the one thing they can all agree on is the fact that if this type of recruiting happened at any other school with any other coach, it would not be so frowned upon by the media like it is when Kentucky or John Calipari is involved.

Everyone knows that whatever Kentucky or John Calipari does, it is looked at differently than if it happened at let's say, Duke. Prime example, Coach K's recruiting class for next season is nothing but "one and done" caliber players and there hasn't been one negative comment made by anyone in the media as of yet. Duke fans and fans of other schools like to say their players stay multiple years because "they enjoy school" or because they "value their education". While that's a nice thought to have the cold hard truth is they would leave after one year if they were good enough. There isn't a single kid playing college basketball who doesn't dream of playing at the next level and would leave after two weeks of college to fulfill that dream never mind waiting until the season is over.

Cat fans have defended recruiting "one and done" players while the media and opposing fans use Kentucky as the poster-child for all that is wrong with college basketball even though given the opportunity their school and/or coach would sign the same caliber players given the chance. Everyone has had their say in the "one and done" debate from Jay Bilas, to Dick Vitale, now it's time for someone else to give their opinion on the subject and this time, I agree 100%…

For those who don't know who Erin Calipari is, she just happens to be John Calipari's daughter.

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