Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Nerlens Noel; Will He Play This Season, Or Won't He?

Every Kentucky fan can recall where he/she was when they witnessed the gruesome images of Nerlens Noel's knee injury against the Florida Gators. It was the moment we all knew that the CATS season was bound to take a turn for the worse.

Fast-forward a few months and you will see where the Philadelphia 76ers coach, Brett Brown stated that Noel would more than likely miss his rookie season entirely instead of being able to play around Christmas like we all originally thought. But, it seems as Nerlens' agent, Andy Miller doesn't agree according to the following statement he gave to

"I think it's premature to make any determination at this point. He will continue to follow rehab protocol and we will take each day one step at a time."

That statement goes against this statement Brett Brown gave according to

"I doubt, everybody doubts that he's going to play this year. We don't want to waste this year. I think form a skill perspective, it's an opportunity for us to break down his shot, really work on his free throws and start a little bit from ground zero."

This story is definitely worth keeping an eye on to see how everything plays out. But, as always we wish Noel a fast and speedy recovery...

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