Thursday, October 10, 2013

Kelly Obre's Father Explains His Comments About Recruiting

By now, I'm sure everyone knows that Kelly Oubre, the #12 ranked player in the class of 2014 has picked Kansas as his college destination. On the heels of his announcement came comments from his father, Kelly Oubre Sr. that got A LOT of people all hot and bothered.

"That’s one of the reasons behind choosing Kansas. Coach Self doesn’t kick you out if you are not ready. I don’t care too much for it (one-and-done) because if you look at it over the last couple drafts, the success of the guys one-and-done is few and far between. Every once in a while you find guys who can make it through. I’m more concerned about his education after maybe a two-year stint or three-year stint. How close is he to that degree and having a greater business mind going into the next level, whatever that is?” added Oubre Sr. “I think the first year in college as well as the pros, maybe two, is a learning curve. That learning curve can be cut considerably if he stayed and developed in college"

With that said, Matt Jones has an EXCELLENT article over at that explains Mr. Oubre's comments more in depth and it's not as bad as they first sounded. Here's a little sample of Matt's conversation with Oubre Sr.

"What pushes the kid out is the money. Other schools talk about why my son shouldn’t go to Kentucky or to another school and focused on the other places, but the two schools in question right now (UK and KU) don’t talk about the other guy. They weren’t little guys getting in a big dog fight, they were big guys comfortable in their own skin. And that is what I wanted to see."

Head over to KSR to read the entire story, it's worth it. Kinda makes you excited about the future of recruiting with Bill Self and John Calipari going head to head for top notch talent ever year.....

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