Friday, October 18, 2013

Jimmy Dykes Likes Kentucky's Team

(photo by: @UKAthleticsNews)

While your getting ready for the event that you have waited for since the final buzzer sounded on a disappointing loss to Robert Morris in the NIT, here's so tweets about the team you may find interesting...

@JimmyDykesLive: Just left Kentucky practice preparing for Big Blue Madness on ESPNU tonite.   Talent and size cannot be ignored on that floor. Chance 2B special.

@JimmyDykesLive: The hype surrounding James Young is real. Can flat out just go get buckets. Long,Lefty wired to score.

@JimmyDykesLive: Kentucky has talent/ size to be dominating defensive, shot blocking, rebound team. Will young guys set aside egos and buy in? Cal has done it B4.

@JimmyDykesLive: Great 2C Darius Miller at UK practice today. The glue that held it all together for Natl Title team. Who will do that this year a big key.

@JimmyDykesLive: The knock on Harrison twins in HS was bad body language and not great team guys. Saw ZERO of that in 2 hour practice.

@JimmyDykesLive: Several members of New Orleans Pelicans were watching practice. Not one of them had the physical presence of Frosh Julius Randle. A grown man.

@JasonKingESPN: New Orleans Pelicans watched UK practice today. Anthony Davis, Darius Miller, Tyreke Evans, Austin Rivers, Eric Gordon all in attendance.

@JasonKingESPN: Folks don't realize how versatile Julius Randle is. Most assume just a banger. Can do SO much more away from basket.

If reading that doesn't get a little excited then I don't know what will...

30 minutes and counting until the Madness begins

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