Monday, October 14, 2013

Calipari Comments on This Year's "Women's Clinic"

John Calipari's annual "Women's Clinic" just ended and if you have paid any attention to Twitter or some other type of "social networking" site, you would know that it was the biggest and best since Cal's arrival in Lexington.

Usually during these clinics, Cal will give the gals somewhat of an inside look at the going's on of what is Kentucky Basketball, this time was no different. Cal even went as far as show the girls what an actual "practice" looked like. The real stories came at the end of the clinic when the pictures and stories started to leak onto the internet. The best picture was the one posted above, a pillow given to Cal by one of the participants that was embroidered with his catch phrase "Y'all Are Crazy". The next is some of the highlight's Cal gave us from his interaction with the fans. Here's what he posted on Facebook after the festivities was over...

"Just wrapped up our 2013 Women's Clinic. This year we had a record 651 women show up. We let the ladies watch us practice from start to finish. I'm always blown away by the knowledge and passion of our fans. Found out one of our participants backed out of her friend's wedding so she could watch the national championship game. Another one said she induced labor so she could watch our title game. And one woman said she named her child so that her initials was MKG. You women are crazy! Hope all of our participants had a great time this year."

Cal, I'd say a "great time" is an understatement. And as usual, Calipari just "gets it" when it comes to connecting with fans.

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