Saturday, September 21, 2013

Calipari: "We Have at Least 7 Starters on This Team"

As you know, limited practice time is allowed for basketball coaches this time of year and usually we get some hints of what the team will look like this season and today is no different.

John Calipari took to Facebook to share what he saw in the time he had with his team today....

"Today, I put the guys thru a controlled dribble drive scrimmage. I tried a few different lineups, even the rookies vs. the veterans. Right now, I think we have at least 7 starters on this team with a few guys pushing them. I saw a lot of options, if we want to play a smaller lineup or a big lineup. We all know that it doesn't matter who starts, but what's more important is who finishes the game."

Now, after you sift through what is typical coach speak you get to the root of what they are actually trying to say without saying it. The "rookies vs. veterans" reference tells me the rookies are taking it to the upperclassman in practice, no big shock there. The "7 starters on the team with a few guys pushing them" comment tells me this team is going to be EXTREMELY deep, something everyone knew except for Jeff Goodman who ranked the CATS the 11th deepest team in the country behind the likes of Harvard I believe.

Then theres the "I saw a lot of options, if we want to play a smaller lineup or a big lineup". This means, no matter what lineup Cal decides to go with it's still going to be better than what your team has on the floor so deal with it. Of course there's no way of actually knowing what Cal actually meant by this statement on Facebook if anything. But, one thing I can tell you is he doesn't make comments like these about his team if he isn't confident. Think about it, did he give last years team anything like what he said above about this years team?

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