Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Terrence Jones ARRESTED and Pleads Not Guilty

Former Wildcat and current Houston Rocket, Terrence Jones was arrested in Portland, Ore early Wednesday morning and charged with harassment after stomping on the leg of a homeless man who was sleeping outside of a night club. In court Wednesday afternoon Terrence Jones pleaded not guilty despite an eye witness being the cop who arrested him. After posting the $1,500 bail, Jones was released and is due back in court on September 6.

By looking at the mugshot above, it's obvious that Mr. Jones had too much to drink, but that is no excuse. Here's an idea Terrence, instead of stomping on a homeless man, how about taking some of your money, something you clearly have too much of (all professional athletes are extremely over paid in MY opinion) and try to help out this less fortunate person. Buy him something to eat, put him up in a hotel or buy him some new clothes.

Don't get me wrong, I like Terrence and I hope he recovers from this severe mistake, but if this turns out to be true,  I hope they make him learn his lesson the hard way as there's simply NO excuse for his actions.

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