Friday, July 19, 2013

Calipari Sends Wilter a Message

John Calipari takes the time to send a message to Kyle Wiltjer about his decision to transfer...

I’m saddened that (Kyle Wiltjer) is leaving the program, but if he thinks it’s in his best interest to go somewhere else, I support his decision.  Here is what I sent Kyle after he told me of his final decision: “All’s good. Mrs. Cal & I are sad and disappointed but accept your decision. Thank you for helping us win a national title and working so hard for me the last two years. Go prove me right! You can play!! I will be here for you if you need me. Love you, kid.” (Kyle Wiltjer) will always be a part of the #BBN.

It's not often to see a coach say something like this to a player who is transferring out of their program. Most coaches usually try to block the transfer or put so many restrictions on their choices that they end up staying where they are or end up going to a school they really don't want to be at, but is left with no other option NONE of which happened during Kyles decision making process. If anything, John Calipari helped Kyle with his list of options and helped inform him where he would best be suited. 

And people wonder why kids want to play for John Calipari......

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