Sunday, July 7, 2013

2014 Five-Star Small Forward Stanley Johnson sets Five Visits


I wrote earlier this week that five star small-forward, Stanley Johnson would take his visit to Kentucky for Big Blue Madness. Today, is reporting that not only will Johnson and top point guard for 2014 Emmanuel Mudiay be in attendance for Madness but so will four star Alabama shooting guard Devin Booker according to Stanley Johnson.

“A lot of guys are going,” Johnson told the Courier-Journal. “I heard me and Emmanuel Mudiay, and (Alabama shooting guard) Devin Booker just told me this weekend he wants to come with me, so it’s going to be packed. I’m excited because I want to see them at their best. I think that’s the best weekend for basketball up there and to see the school also. I’m excited to go up there and see the campus life when basketball is going to be big.”

Stanley also had some good things to say about John Calipari and his recruiting ability saying 

“Coach [John] Calipari is one of the most honest coaches I’ve talked to so far, and he’s shown it. That’s big for me. A lot of coaches say it, but they don’t show it. Having me being the only small forward Kentucky has offered is a big deal."

Head over to to read the entire story, definitely worth a read.

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