Thursday, June 27, 2013

NBA Draft Night; Where Will Archie and Nerlens End Up?

Tonight is the 2013 edition of the NBA Draft and for the second year in a row, Kentucky and John Calipari have a chance for a player hear to his name called with the first pick that belongs to the Cleveland Cavaliers. A few weeks ago it was generally thought that Nerlens Noel was the overwhelming favorite to go first in the draft. Now it seems that there is some uncertainty what the Cavaliers will do with their #1 pick, will it be Nerlens, Ben McLemore, Alex Len or Anthony Bennett? The Cavs' have also been trying to trade out of the top pick, but so far no one has accepted the offer with the last one being extended to the New Orleans Pelicans (dumbest mascot I've ever heard of, no offense New Orleans). It's also being rumored that if Cleveland ends up keeping their pick, they may trade whoever they pick for a current player and a future first round pick, so nothing is set in stone as far as the #1 pick in concerned. 

Besides the #1 pick and Nerlens Noel, theres a little more to keep Kentucky fans watching the entire first round of the draft and that's the destination of Archie Goodwin. Many said that Archie should have returned for another season, but there was a high probability of Archie seeing his minutes diminish considerably with the overly talented incoming freshman leading him to make the decision to enter the draft. If you look at mock drafts, they have our man Archie going late in the first round to late in the second, so it's safe to say NO ONE KNOWS FOR SURE where he'll end up. But, as a Kentucky fan you have to hope he hears his name called in the first round, because the second round does NOT get a guaranteed contract. That's not to say that Archie can't make a roster being drafted in the second round, just that it would take a lot of stress out of his life if he had a guaranteed contract instead of trying to earn one.

So, tune in tonight and see what happens with two former Cats and learn what new NBA hats or shirts you will have to purchase from the NBA Store.

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