Monday, June 17, 2013

Kentucky's Football Recruiting Class Ranked #1 in 2014; Who Would've Thought

If someone had told you last season that Kentucky would at one point have the Nations #1 recruiting class for 2014, you would've assumed they were referring to basketball and who could blame you. No way Kentucky Football could have such success on the recruiting trail especially after the horrendous season we were forced to witness last year. 

Well folks, don't look now because as of today, your Kentucky Wildcats have college football's #1 recruiting class for 2014 thanks to Mark Stoops and his staff's ability to land 18 commitments thus far including 5 four-star players with a few other high-profile guys yet to decide that Kentucky is HEAVILY involved with.

When Mark Stoops was hired, I thought that he was the best option Kentucky had at the time considering everything that had happened last season, but I never in my wildest dreams thought he would come in and completely turn the program around before he had even coached his first game. If he is able to translate this type of success onto the field, things could get very interesting to say the least.

Of course it's going to take some time before we start seeing the fruits of Stoops and his staff's labor as this season has the potential to be no better than last, but anything is possible. But, football isn't like basketball where a new coach can come in and in one year turn a dismal team into a top three team in the country by seasons end like we witnessed Calipari do in his first season at the helm. If I had to guess, I would say in three years, if everything stays like it is and the Cats don't lose any of their commitments, I could see Kentucky winning 7 to 8 games and possibly going to a BCS Bowl. There's a sentence I never thought I wold type when it came to Kentucky Football.

So, for now take pride in the fact that we are FINALLY battling top notch schools for top notch players and actually getting commitments from them leading to the #1 ranked recruiting class in 2014... If Stanley "BOOM" Williams can get excited so can you


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