Monday, June 3, 2013

Matt Elam visits Alabama

New Kentucky Football headman Mark Stoops has been cleaning up on the recruiting trail as of late and he would love nothing more than to add the big man pictured above Matt Elam, who was on a visit today at Alabama.

Elam (who tweeted out the above picture), is out of Elizabethtown, Kentucky is the 24th ranked defensive tackle in the class of 2014 and would be a MAJOR coupe for Stoops and crew. But, when you see pictures like this, it gives Kentucky a reason to worry. Let's face it, Kentucky is still Kentucky and Alabama is still Alabama when football is concerned. Mark Stoops has been doing an AMAZING job since his arrival in Lexington, but when Nick Saban is recruiting a kid, you pretty much assume that's where they will end up much like John Calipari in basketball. This however may not be the case. 

It is well known that Matt's mother would LOVE for him to suit up in Lexington and we all know that when mom isn't happy no one is happy, but to turn down a scholarship offer from Alabama would be hard to do especially since they were the first (I believe) to give him an offer. 

Drew Barker, another 2014 commitment has been recruiting the big man harder than anyone (Stoops included) in hopes of swaying Elam to join him in Lexington. Only time will tell if his efforts will pay off as Elam has said that he will take his time in making a college decision and who can blame him, but for now, Kentucky fans must know that they are in for a battle against the Tide for Elam's services.

But, just to be in a battle with the likes of Alabama and Nick Saban for a recruit speaks VOLUMES about what Mark Stoops and his staff has done for Kentucky Football.

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