Thursday, June 27, 2013

Archie Goodwin selected 29th by the Oklahoma City Thunder; Kentucky Effect

Draft night started off somewhat depressing for Kentucky fans when Nerlens Noel, the perceived favorite for the #1 pick fell to number six, but that quickly changed when Archie Goodwin heard his name called.

Archie Goodwin was selected 29th in the first round by the Oklahoma City Thunder then traded to the Phoenix Suns surprising everyone that had been following Archie during the NBA workouts. Going into tonight, it looked as if Archie was at best going to be selected in the second round and even that was wishful thinking. Now he has a guaranteed contract with an NBA team, something everyone said would not happen. This just goes to show you the power John Calipari has when it comes to getting guys to the next level. This makes 13 Kentucky players taken in the first round in the last four years.

Congratulations Archie, BBN wishes you nothing but the best.

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