Tuesday, May 21, 2013

WIll Nerlens Noel be a Cleveland Cavalier?

The Cleveland Cavs won the Lottery with the number one pick, now we just have to hope they will select Nerlens. Chances are they will go with a guard like Trey Burke, but one can still hope.

During the NBA Lottery drawing special on ESPN, Nerlens Noel said during his interview that, "He thought his shot blocking ability would translate well into the NBA. He said it would be great to be in Cleveland, but he wasn't going to speculate anything, just thankful to have the opportunity."

Jay Bilas said he thought Nerlens would fit well with the Cavs, but went on to say that this wasn't a no-brainer pick, Cleveland has some thinking to do with this pick. The draft will be live from Brooklyn on June, 27 and you gotta hope Noel will hear his name called before anyone else giving Kentucky 3 #1 picks in school history. It's hard to believe that before Calipari, Kentucky had never had a player selected #1,  even with all the talent that has come out of Lexington.

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