Monday, May 20, 2013

Huntington Prep's Dominic Woodson backs out of Baylor commitment

I have the privilege of living within five minutes of one of the best prep basketball teams in America, Huntington Prep. I spent much of last season attending as many games that I could (day job permitting) and during that time I learned that Andrew Wiggins wasn't the ONLY good player on this team. You had Xavier Rathan-Mayes, Moses Kingsley and the above man, Dominic Woodson who had committed to play for Baylor this season just to name a few.

All you had to do was watch Dominic operate in the low post to understand Baylor's interest in the big man. He's a big body that takes up a lot of real-estate and intimidates players who dare to enter the paint. If and when they actually were able to enter the paint they were either forced to watch as their shot got sent many rows deep in the stands, or tried to earn it at the stripe.

All the above is why I was kinda shocked to hear the news that Dominic had backed out of his commitment to Baylor earlier today. I asked Huntington Prep coach Rob Fulford for some comments about the situation, this is what he had to say...

"Baylor returned two pros that they didn't expect to have back. Dom was going to be a potential red-shirt and he wasn't good with that."

I have no doubt that Woodson will find another destination more suitable for him. Big Blue Corner wishes him the best going forward.

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